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Stop Being “Positive” & Start Getting Real (Joy) In Your Life

I think this is something I am going to need for the new year, so I’m putting it here.

It’s getting to the end of 2013!  Time for reflections of the past year and looking at how to make the future amazing.

It has been awhile since I’ve really blogged so here’s a rundown:

October: Had surgery and took a full week off of work
November: Worked my ass off
December: Worked my ass off and quit one of my part-time gigs.

So I’m stuck at work until about midnight and am looking over my debt and projected income for 2014….it ain’t pretty.

As of right now, my projected income for 2014 is about $15,600.

Not.  Pretty.

That projected income is only from my part-time office management job….something I am going to work to make a full-time position in 2014.  If that doesn’t work, at least see if I can get a raise at current hours or just more hours.  This projected income does not count any of my under-the-table gigs, TaskRabbit, or gift card income from focus groups.  The main reason I quit my part-time demo job was because I’m actually making more money cleaning/organizing people’s houses and could make way more if I had the time to take more gigs. 

So, what am I going to do about all of this in 2014?

Priority One: Figure Out Income
I have to see if there’s any growth opportunity at this job.  It’s really hard for me because I love my coworkers, atmosphere, and patrons and the ONLY truly disappointing factor of this job is the pay and hours.  My workload is unbearable at 24 hours a week and some of the things that I do are things that people get paid triple my salary to do. 

I make pretty good money from TaskRabbit and will now have more time to take tasks now that I’m not doing Jeni’s gigs.  If I can continue to get about 7 hours per week that would bump my overall salary to $20k per year and that would be awesome.

Priority Two: Complete Thesis
Once that is complete I will have a Master’s degree and can ask for more money and look more qualified if I do have to look for a new job.  My first official draft is due December 30th and I’ve been working on it pretty hard.  At the current pace this thing will be submitted and out of my hands by February.  The bulk is complete!  It’s all downhill from here!


So that’s what’s going on for now.  I would love to hear anyone’s suggestions or input on how to pimp hand this situation.  I can already tell this is going to be an extremely frugal year for me and I am determined to stay afloat.

I guess I never finished my thoughts in the last post which was entitled “TRAINWRECK SEPTEMBER IS OVER….ON TO ADULTING OCTOBER”

September was pretty much horrible.  My work schedules were crazy and I did a lot more drinking and eating out than anticipated.  Not the Al Anon levels of drinking….but I went out more than I should have.  This was mainly due to work sucking and apparently work sucking for all of my friends who were all “yo happy hour” and I was all “god yes please yes”  I probably spent a little over $200 on eating out last month….which is not awesome.

How This Single Lady is Saving on Groceries
Towards the end of the month my friend and I finally joined forces on grocery shopping.  We’re both single ladies that have been having issues with grocery shopping and cooking at home because we get tired of our cooking and would over-buy and then perishables would….well….perish.
We were able to combine our grocery lists and coupons and spent $96 on a load of groceries that helped us make meals for about a week and a half.  We both made something big and then traded leftovers mid-week.  It’s pretty much the most genius thing on the planet for us.  It also helped us both to only get necessary, healthy foods and stay out of the junk food aisles.
We weren’t able to do this this week because I’ve been out from surgery….but hopefully we can do this again on Monday.  I’m looking forward to it because I have been super unhealthy during recovery.

Know the best way to save a bunch of money?  Have surgery and lay on the couch in a drug stupor for several days!

On Tuesday I finally had my sinus surgery.  I’ve been trying to get this surgery for over a year and according to my doctor…’s a good thing I didn’t wait any longer.  My sinuses were chock-full of polyps and I probably couldn’t have lasted much longer with all of this stuff growing inside my face.  My dad is the best dad on the planet and brought me to Delaware to recuperate.  It’s kind of amazing how easy it is to not spend money when you’re all drugged up on the couch!  Super excited for this 6-day spending freeze.

Since this 6-day spending freeze is also 6 days of no work, I have crammed jobs into every day for the rest of the month.  As of right now, my only day off is Wednesday the 30th.  I’m really loving TaskRabbit for making this possible, I made an extra $450 last month with this website!  Just in time to help pay that $2,000 health insurance bill that popped up.  Womp womp.

How I’m Paying Off My Shit
eBay: I’ve been selling some of my bigger clothes on ebay and am making some good money on my Under Armour!  $27 for one of my shirts?  Hell yeah.
TaskRabbit: I don’t take a task unless I make a minimum of $16/hour on it….which is more than both of my actual jobs.
Actual Jobs: Duh.
Grocery Share: This keeps me from eating out so much and is a fun couponing game that keeps me in at least one night per week.  So yay.

Would love to hear any suggestions that you may have on other ways to save or make money!

Soooo I apologize for being off the radar for almost two weeks….it has been an interesting two weeks.

So I was told that contractors would be in my house this week just to work on the backyard.  Cool.  Fine.  Whatever.

That’s a big fat lie.

They apparently need to paint my apartment, spent half of the week fixing the front door, haven’t finished the backyard, and have been leaving doors open all day while they’re in here until 8 at night.  This has made my week beyond nerve-wracking because I can’t clean, unpack, or hang out in my apartment after work.  They’re all over the place. 

I’ve also been told that my stovetop and bathroom vent fan are both broken and will not be fixed until late September.

Needless to say, I am losing my shit slowly everyday because my habitat is beyond fucked and completely out of my control.  Since my habitat is fucked, every other aspect of my life is fucked.

I gained 2lbs this week at Weight Watchers…which is better than anticipated, but still fucking sucks.  I haven’t been eating right because I can’t unpack my kitchen (I’m not going to unpack my entire kitchen just to have it be covered in contractor dust) and spend a lot of time eating out or just eating sandwiches.  Getting tired of sandwiches.  I also haven’t been exercising because I don’t have any clean floor to put my yoga mat down.  I know it’s a lot of excuses….but I’m used to my routine and as soon as these contractors are out I’ll be back to it.

Wellll anyway, what am I doing to make September awesome?

First, I need to admit I spent money and show the things beyond my living budget that I owe:
$291 – Gap Card
$60 – Student Loans 

Second, how to do that:
September: The Nesting.  I won’t call it a hermiting because this place is not yet mine.  These contractors have to be out of here in the next week and then I can finally take the time to clean my place to my standards and start making it my home.  So anytime I’m not working…I’m trying really hard to be in my house.


With the move being all ridiculous and messing up my plans, my life has been a complete shit show.  Half of my crap is packed up, I have no groceries, and I’ve been going out more because I have no food at home and my apartment really sucks now that everything is packed up.

But First, Something Awesome:

Finally hit my goal!  I have 6 weeks of Maintenance with Weight Watchers and then it’s free.  It feels really weird to no longer be in weight loss mode and on the maintenance track…but I’ll take the extra 6 points per day (that uhh I’ve def already been eating anyway haha) but this is happening.  There’s no going back.  8 years of hard work, dedication, and lifestyle changes.  Feels good, man.

Now on to the lame things….

Final Numbers for Surgery
As mentioned before, I will need to pay for an important sinus surgery out of pocket and they said it would be around $5,000.  It’s actually $7,000.  I already put down the $1,500 deposit on it, so now I have until October 8th to to work on getting the $5,000 for the hospital and then I can make monthly payments of $100 to the doctor for the remaining $1,500 of her fee.  Awesome.

Extra Income Ideas:
I’m coming up with a gameplan on how to get extra income for this.  I am pretty much out of shit to sell and now need other ways to supplement.  I already started a few of these this week
So I’ve done 2 tasks so far and have another one after work today.  After today’s I will have made $99 for about 5 hours of work.  $19 an hour ain’t too shabby!
Okay, not sure how much I talk about Swagbucks…but I love it.  It’s something that I just keep running on my laptop all day and listen to the SBTV while I’m working.  At home, I just mindlessly click while reading or watching TV.  Basically you watch stuff, take surveys, look at offers, play games, yadda yadda and collect points that can be used for giftcards and stuff.  I was a casual user from January until last month and just redeemed points for my first $25 amazon gift card…which I used to buy adult self improvement books.  I can continue to get amazon cards or can also get gas cards, target, cvs, etc.

Here are some things that I need to do this week to get back on track:
1. Buy Groceries
I’ve been eating out a lot more and have been making lame choices.  So I’m going to go at least by some Smart Ones Frozen Dinners and stuff so I can have things at home
2. Finish Packing and Move
This is the only way I’ll be able to get my life back in order.  I’ve been so stuck since the move rescheduling and it will really be helpful to finally get out of my neighborhood.
3. Work out
I haven’t done anything exercise-y since Tuesday and I think that may also be part of why I feel so rundown and crappy.  I need to remember to squeeze something – even if it’s only 5-10 minutes of yoga – into each day.  Get that stretch on

Sorry that I haven’t been so active!  I am here today because I am taking a Wallow Day

Here are all the stress-related (whining) reasons why.  Feel free to skip this and go right onto my stress management methods:

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Here are the themes of today’s post!  WOOOOO! AREN’T YOU SO PUMPED?

Weight Watchers
This morning I weight 137.2…and my Goal Weight is 137!!!!  LOOK AT ME GETTING THERE AND SHIT!
From what I understand, I will have to stay within 2lbs of that for 2 weeks and then I will get Lifetime Status.  I want that status goddammit.

Something that felt really good: One lady hasn’t come to WW for about a month or so and she came up to me today and told me that I look amazing!  She didn’t even recognize me!  Hollllllaaaa!

Adult Purchases
There are three things that I feel that I really need to purchase as they will be conducive to being an adult:
1. OxiClean
Adulting had a post on this the other day and I suddenly found myself really wishing I had some of this around.  I may or may not have thrown some stuff in the dryer to fluff it up with a tube of hot pink lipstick and I had nothing to fight the stains.  My neighbor had a jug of All with OxiClean in it and borrowing a serving of that saved 2 of the 3 articles of clothing that were hot pinkified.  Now I know that I need this shit in my life.

2. North Face Raincoat
The weather has been downright bipolar recently and with all of my packing/purging I have realized that I don’t have a lightweight coat.  At all.  I found this coat at a local store for even less than what Amazon is selling it for…and I think it’s a purchase I can justify.  North Face is a good brand and will last forever and this is a timeless style.  I may also need this walking home tonight as I forgot my umbrella and it looks like it may rain…not so adult of me.

3. Nice Filing Cabinet
I just have too many files and papers that I need to keep in order and the one that I have is already overstuffed.  I’m thinking something like this one from Walmart that looks more like a nice end-table than a filing cabinet.  Files are one of my biggest mess situations right now so this would be nice.

Being Poor
Since we’re talking about purchases….can we just talk about how much I love ALL of the Gap’s clothes right now?  I want to live in the Gap.  I cannot justify clothing purchases like this though since I don’t need them yet.  The clothes that I have are doing fine for now and I feel like those are things I can pick up at the thrift store when needed.

The jacket is still worth it to me since I know it’s last season’s and they will become jacked in price soon enough.  Praying that’s at the store when I get off work!

I punch those lemons in the face.  Actually, when life gives me lemons I look at the situation and react as quickly as possible so that things don’t become catastrophic.

My landlady called me last night with good and bad news.  I like bad news first:
BAD: The apartment won’t be ready by my move in date of August 13th (that’s next Tuesday btw).  She has to have the bathroom and backyard completely redone and they were supposed to be ready by next Tuesday…they won’t be.
GOOD: I get a brand new bathroom and backyard and she’s not charging me a dime for August.

LUCKY: My movers had ONE SLOT LEFT in August and it’s for Friday the 23rd.

So now I’m moving Friday, August 23rd instead of next week….I’m beyond frustrated but know everything will be okay.

Pretty freaking thankful I don’t have to pay for August because I’m anticipating a huge expense in the next 3 months.  I need to get quasi-major sinus surgery that my insurance just won’t cover…but I have been on the brink of suffering from the last 6 months and this shit needs to end.  I was told it could be more than $5,000.  Yeah, it’s going to be a lot of money…but I would pay triple that to be able to taste everything, smell stuff, not have horrible pain in my face, and have people be able to tell if I’m a man or woman on the phone.  If I had a nickel for everytime someone asked me if I had a cold…I would be able to pay for this surgery for me and a friend.  It’s starting to really hinder my life and I’ll take another 6 months of hermiting to do something about it.

So now every purchase that I make has THAT motivator at the back of it.  Let’s see how that works!


Went to a comedy show tonight because a friend’s boyfriend was in it.  I don’t go out often these days so when I do…I like to look a bit cute.  I put on heels (*cough*wedges*cough*) and lipstick and my best skinny jeans.  

So it turns out that I only feel bad about being single when I go out to places where there are dudes.  As long as I sit in my apartment with cable or the internet I don’t feel like a loser.  Also just throwing out there that I find “comedy dudes” extremely attractive…maybe it’s the bearded T-shirt I-look-like-I-drink-heavily thing….I dunno.

Well the moral of the story is I’m now sitting at home sipping on a Skinny Girl cocktail with hot pink lips and a pair of jeans that make my ass go BOOM.  But that doesn’t really matter because I am alone while doing this.

That’s about as “wah” as I can get.  Mainly because I know I look soooo fiiiiiiine right now.

Being An Adult This Week

Moving Sucks!!!! Here are some of the things I’ve done this week
-Transferred/Got better deal on Comcast
-Transferred PGW
-Transferred PECO
-Thrift store purged closet
-Cleaned out sock drawer: I was amazed how many lone rangers I had in there!  I HAVE SO MUCH ROOM NOW!
-Going to Delaware on Friday to get tubs (and a car tune-up) from the padre.
-Set up a date with a friend to help pack up the kitchen and bathroom with said tubs

I’ve been accomplishing a lot this week and I have both jobs in full swing.   I feel good earning that dollar sometimes.

I’ve calculated my bills and my September rent to see how much I will owe throughout the month (now that the deposit is out of the way!) and I need to remember that I will owe: $1,276.71

Knowing this, I started booking demos left and right.  I had to stop myself from approaching every single market!  Always give yourself decompression days, you can’t work everyday forever. 

Today I also reached out to my thesis adviser and told him that I want to meet at the end of this month.  That will give me plenty of time to get all of my shit in order and GET THIS THING MOVING!

I feel like I’m progressing this week and hope you are too!


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