2013 Will Be My Year

Here is the obligatory I’m-going-to-start-a-blog-New-Year’s-Eve post and here is also where you are welcome to start the countdown to when this one in particular loses steam….but I need to put these thoughts down for 2013.  I’d like to keep up with them.  Successful people keep journals and goals/aspirations.  Perhaps this can be my little slice of that.

I’m not going to bother recapping 2012.  It was decidedly fair with equal parts awesomes and weaks.  Instead, I’m going to list out my goals/resolutions/aspirations for 2013.  This way I can come back and look at them periodically and monitor progress.  Who knows?  Maybe you’ll be graced with my progress.

1. Get a job.
Not just any job…..but a career-type job.  I’m going to be extra-committed to setting up informational interviews through my network and be better about getting people to look at my cover letters before I ship them off.

2.  Fit back in my shorts
I guess this is the typical weight-loss goal…that I have every year….and sometimes it works out.  I was doing really well for the first half of the year!  But by summer, my brand new shorts stopped fitting and now my wardrobe is slim-pickin’s.  It’s cheaper to eat and be healthy so I’m going to do the shit out of that.

3.  Cut back the clutter
My apartment is so full of shit I don’t need.  I’m going to commit 2013 to using up my craft supplies and selling things I will never use.  If it’s an art supply and I don’t use it by the end of 2013, shit is GONE.  Also, no more buying until I get rid of what I have.  THE ONE EXCEPTION is new paints to replace old ones, for #4…

4. Take painting classes
I have a membership to Main Line Art Center now, so really I just need the funds (and some new paints) to take the class.  I’m going to raise these funds by selling things around my house…like my tablet that goes unused and various bits of furniture that I hate.

5. Make a latchhook rug out of current materials
I just finished a latchhook rug that I started in the 90s…and I have an entire box of leftover threads from various latchhook projects.  I’m going to not let these go to waste and i’m going to at least start a new rug in 2013….that will probably take me another decade to finish.  That’s okay.

6. Make another T-shirt Quilt
I made one with my Aunt Linda and it freed up a lot of space in my drawers while still getting to keep my favorite shirts!  I’ve been hoarding shirts for the next quilt…it’s going to happen this year.

7. Live frugally
With student loans creeping up on me and still mostly unemployed, I will dedicated 2013 to being my cheapest year.  I definitely splurged and lived it up a lot in 2012 and have NO REGRETS…..but I know in my heart that 2013 can’t be as expensive.  I’ve been getting better in the last 2 weeks about eating and drinking out…but I really need to curb that by about 75% still.  I LOVE eating and drinking out in Philly…but it is too expensive and not good for my shorts-fitting aspiration.  Aside from that, I don’t really spend ridiculously and have signed up for SwagBucks.com to do surveys and watch videos to earn gift cards for when I do want/need to go shopping.

So obviously I am dedicated to making 2013 a creative year.  I’m excited about this!