Next Month is Already Spent.

Today I did something that I have never done before….physically wrote down all of the bills/debt that I will have as of February 1st.  I wrote down all of my bills and the estimated costs.  

I haven’t included student loans because I don’t have to start paying those until June and I really need to take care of this debt before taking care of that debt.  Once I get on even playing ground and start getting paychecks.  By next month I will be using any additional funds at the end of the month to pump directly into my loans.

So the combined amount I will owe next month if I completely pay off all my credit cards, pay my auto insurance in full, and bills: $2,223.93


$1,200 will transfer into my bank account from savings tomorrow.  From there I will submit my rent check and am going on my HUGE Delaware Costco trip tomorrow.  A friend wanted to meet tomorrow so I decided to bump it up a week early to save gas.

My plan for this is to transfer the rest of the debt amount from my savings account and just pay it all off and ensure there’s enough in my account for the automatic payments to process.  From there I’m going to cancel the monthly automatic transfer from savings since I will be getting paychecks from now on and won’t touch it unless I’m putting money in.  The credit cards are cut up so once these payments are made they’re done with.

Now I’m brainstorming ways to fix the situation.  I’ve got some things up on ebay and I’m going to go through my apartment and start getting serious about getting rid of furniture/clothes/crap I don’t need.  I may even unplug and defrost my fridge because I just don’t need it.  I also asked my landlord about my PECO bill and I may have been paying my neighbor’s bill this whole time….so I’m about to call them and handle that.

Pimp-hands. I Give All of Them!

My boyfriend was able to fix my laptop screen!  WHAT AN AMAZING MAN!  We used this replacement screen that was only $66 with fast shipping….so much cheaper than getting it repaired by someone that doesn’t date me (it cost me the screen and dinner…that I was going to cook anyway) or buying a new laptop!  Hollllaaaa

The day after that happened, I decided to roll up some change.  NEVER USE A COIN COUNTING MACHINE!  They charge you or force you to use gift cards to their stores….the dollar store sells the rollers by the bag and your bank can deposit/cash them in for free.Image

I also took some more things to Buffalo Exchange and had a far more pleasant time.

….and then I spent the money eating out with Jon!  I’m the worst!

Today I did a lot better though!  First off, I didn’t get my usual Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee.  They were 99cents for most of the month and then they jumped up to $2.35 and I went OUCH!  So this morning I had some tea that was in the boyfriend’s house…it wasn’t a perfect replacement but I can make it do a few mornings a week.  I feel like I need my Dunky when I go to work….which is 4 days a week.  So I got a coupon for some grocery store carton of iced coffee and I’m going to give that a shot.


Not literal hiccups…the metaphorical kind that show up and rattle the situation.  My laptop screen broke yesterday!  Just as I was doing so well with my saving….something expensive breaks.  Luckily, my boyfriend says that the screen should be super easy to replace and the screen was only $66.  So if it could be a $66 fix instead of having to get a new one….that would be amazing.  Thank god he also has a laptop that he doesn’t use so I can get by this week.

I’m able to do SwagBucks while I’m at work!  If I bring my laptop, I can just let the videos play while I do things all day.  Yesterday I was on a forum and mentioned that I have enough points for a $10 gift card after being on the site for a month and they said it seemed rather time-consuming.  “I would probably find another way to get what I want in a month’s time” is what they said…and it kind of irked me.  Of course, I had to sit back and remember that it may seem like a waste of time to someone else.  To me, it seems rather effortless…it’s only a few clicks throughout the day or a 30-minute survey here and there.  However, I’ve almost completely given up doing the surveys because I’m just not in the right demographic for any of them.  

Staying in tonight working on my thesis, I’ll have a google doc to work from with my thesis to-do list this week.  I have plenty of time to work on it since I’m taking Tuesday and Thursday off from the Art Alliance!  Hollaaa!

Just……feeling good.

I’m feeling so good about the new year now.  The next 6 months are going to be a whirlwind and I’m all


I did purchase something at the thrift store yesterday….a Cole Haan purse for less than $5. It’s black and wonderful and if I don’t like it I will at least make my money back on it through ebay.  I love these wonderful finds.

Trying so hard to stay in because I know I don’t have money yet and I know I need to start paying student loans and get my save on.  It’s hard.  Jon and I went and got stuff at Acme last night to justify not going out…got dessert and a few drinks for the next few days.  Tomorrow I’m going to bring home the rest of the frozen meats I have and assess the situation.  I want to buy ALL of my meat for the next month of Fresh20 meals when I go on my Huge Delaware Shopaganza on February 8th.

Have I mentioned this?  I’ll tell you now.
I’m going to go on a huge shopping trip in Delaware to Costco, Total Wine & More, CVS, and Target.  I’m compiling a list of everything we need and then will choose which store will give me the best deal for it.  I’ve been following a lot of great blogs that give Target and CVS coupon and deal alerts.  I’ve also obtained a few coupons for things that will be super cheap or free.

This will make the rest of my month SO EASY and save me hella cash in the long run.  Then I can use that extra cash for fun things (and student loans)!

Finally Getting Paid!

Today I finally got offered a part time gig at Philadelphia Art Alliance!  Hollllaaaaaa!  I’ll be getting paid enough to survive and will still have time to work on my thesis.  In the next 6 months they’ll see if they want to keep me or if I should mosey along.  I have faith that this with my drive and fresh fundraising education that I am going to be an asset.

This will help with the money and getting a job in my field aspects of life.  It will also set up more time for me to work on my thesis!  And they’re letting me do Arts & Drafts there so I’ll get my art on.

Dropping Arts & Drafts after April

I’m going to do it at the Philadelphia Art Alliance where I might be able to get paid for it!

Quite frankly, my friends are hosing my down and not paying up or say “I’ll get you back” and never do.  I haven’t even made $100 from the last 3 events combined.  So that’s total crap and I’m not buying anymore crafts after April and I think I’m going to have to hammer down on charging my friends. 


I wonder if the new generation of kids gets that reference…since most of them don’t hear radio commercials and tv commercials for demolition derby stuff are rather nonexistent.

Yesterday was REALLY HARD to stay in all night.  Jon and I walked to the Vietnamese Market down the street to obtain some pad thai stuff and that alleviated a bit of the cabin fever situation.  I’ve got to hit up that market again for produce….79cents for a 5pack of garlic is pretty damn good!

Today I’m at the Art Alliance again…except today I don’t have anything to do!  I did everything that I could do yesterday so today I’m probably going to sit on SwagBucks and dick around on the internet.  Whatever, at least I’m not spending money!

Tonight we’re going over to Jon’s dad’s house for dinner…I love going there because I ALWAYS come home with at least one bag of groceries.  His dad has a compulsive spending issue and usually does this at Costco so I swoop in all “hey this is about to expire can I feed your son with it?” and then I don’t have to buy groceries for the week!  I was already planning on skipping the grocery store this week because I have enough stuff to whip us up a big batch of mac n cheese and spaghetti for the week.  It’s a lot of pasta…but it’s cheap, filling, and will last awhile.  I would like to try very hard to not go out a single weekday this week!  I feel like I should be able to go five days in a row without eating out.  If I can do this I will be really proud and think that will deserve a good Friday/Saturday date night dinner!  Ugh, it’s RESTAURANT WEEK!  I need to remember that this doesn’t mean great food specials…it’s just a gimmick to get people out spending during the slowest period for restaurants.

This week I am determined to figure out if I’m getting paid or not to sit at this desk.  If I am….awesome!  If not….well, I’m not giving up my weekends for free.  I don’t mind weekdays because coming here during normal workday hours makes me feel like I have some sort of a routine that helps gain experience while looking for a full-time position.  However, this desk-sitting business isn’t paying me or teaching me anything valuable for a career.

Also, I was invited to an awesome Groundhog Day event.  It’s $20 all-you-can eat AND drink…and I know for a fact that AIGA puts out a good spread.  A month ago I would have been HELL YEAH LET’S DO THIS but right now my inner-frugalnerd is saying $20 is a big part of your budget for one night on the first weekend of the month.  But normally for me to go out to eat AND drink I would pay on average a little more than that.  Jon and I seem to spend between….$30-$50 on a typical meal based on my budget for the last 3 months.  I thought it would be more than that but the only instances where it was more were on his birthday ($96, ouch!) and when another friend’s birthday came aboot ($65 which ain’t bad).  I should probably make an envelope to save receipts for things like this and donations I make this year.

Damn…I just looked at my budget for this month and I’m $15 over budget for this month and I’ve only eaten out twice on my dime.  There’s also a beer run in there for a convention and I still have a few bottles left.  I miss going out so bad!  I just want to try all of the different restaurants and bars and write reviews about them….I’m going to have to look where I can cut and see how much I’m actually going to make between Jeni’s and (hopefully goddammit) the Art Alliance.


Cabin Fever….Fight Through It!

Trying to stay in so I stop spending so much money!  ARG!  I’m starting to get really sick of staying home on weekends, especially on weekends like today when it was BEAUTIFUL outside and I was stuck desk-sitting and didn’t even know it was amazing out.

Well at least I was sitting in there in the hopes of getting a paid position next week, I was able to get a lot of things done!  In fact…I got almost everything done that I needed to do this weekend.  Woops.  Tomorrow I’m going to bring my laptop and apply to jorbs and do SwagBucks.  After 3 weeks of mostly not taking it too seriously and just dicking around on it…I can get a $10 gift card to some awesome stores (uhhh hello The Limited).  It’s also pretty much all I’m doing tonight because I’m too lazy to work on the quilt project yet…maybe after dinner.

I’m hoping getting into crafts again will make the staying home suck a lot less.  I’m a social creature but I just can’t handle money when I’m out.  Womp.

Fairly Productive!

Today has been fairly productive!  I applied to a jorb, worked on my thesis and finally sent it to Neville (so I get a few days off from it woooo), CLEANED THINGS (well….made more of a mess that I’m now working on cleaning up but things are getting organized and I made a work space!  Hollar.  After a few hours of disaster in the back room, all of my Arts & Drafts crafts now have their own separate tub and are in some semblance of order.

I also received my usherette tray for Jeni’s and it is kind of ridiculous.  I’m gonna rock the F out of it!  I also got Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams book!  So adorbs!

Now I’m at the boo’s house cooking dinner with a pile of T-shirts ready to be turned into quilt material!  I’ve got some crafts set up which will keep me from going stircrazy while we try to stay in.