Trying to Start Off Strong…Like Everyone Else.

Well yesterday I committed myself to doing important things.

I applied for a campaign coordinator position at PAFA and spent…a good 3 hours tweaking the cover letter for it.  Hopefully that does something!
I plan to reassess my professional network in Philly and see if there is anyone that I am able to go on informational interviews with.  This culture is all about who you know and who knows your face…so I’ve got to get my face out there that much more.
I didn’t see a whole lot of jobs on the boards I check, since everyone is on break right now.  I also saw more internships than anything, but I’m not taking another one of those.  I can already stay at the Philadelphia Art Alliance indefinitely.

I also worked on my thesis a lot yesterday and have given myself a week to update my lit review fully.  I’ll meet with one of my professors next Friday and then hopefully I can start contacting people to conduct my research.  I’d really like to get that started by mid-January so I can graduate by June.  I feel like completing my master’s program will make my jobhunt easier.  I really don’t want to have to work retail between now and June!

I also added the latchhook rug material I will need to my Amazon wishlist so I can pick that up when I get some extra funds.

Another big thing I did yesterday was cleaned out all of my closets and drawers.  I finally admitted to myself that there were some accessories that I was only holding on to because my mom bought them for me.  I think she’d be happier with me for getting rid of things and de-cluttering my life.  I also think the cash-in-hand will be helpful so I can start saving for my art classes and needed supplies!

I’m also going to add some other things that are really important that I forgot to consider yesterday….like being financially stable in 2013.  I’m good now, but as days add up and I’m still jobless I will need to get way more frugal.  I have started following frugal blogs and have been really good for the last 2 weeks about now going out as much.  Eating and drinking out are my downfalls…and both are things I really need to cut if I’m going to fit in my shorts!  So this is a doubly important goal.

Today all I’ve really done is not spent any money.  I also went to watch the Mummers Parade for like an hour, so I was standing and dancing around enjoying their drunken funsies.  I want to be in it next year!  Dressing up while dancing and drinking through Philly?  Uh, hello?  Why am I not already a Mummer?

Going to try really hard not to go out to dinner tonight and continue to hang at home doing videos and surveys.  I’m using SwagBucks to earn giftcards and things so I won’t feel bad about shopping!  I don’t mind taking surveys or watching dumb stuff online while I’m watching TV or staying bored at home so I don’t spend money.


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