Well Day 2: Working on My Goals.

Today has been a day of things!  I am off to a great start with goals up in here, let’s hope I can keep momentum.

Today I checked out Buffalo Exchange for the first time: A boutique that will buy your gently used, fashionable items for cash or store credit.  The will buy the items from you and give you either 30% of what they will sell it for in cash, or 50% of what they will sell it for in store credit.
I brought in a giant bag of shoes and a tub of clothes and handbags that I thought were fashionable and gently-used, but I guess I’m a lot harder on my clothes and accessories.  They only took about 5 items from me and I got $17.40 in cash, which could have been $29 in store credit.  I really need to just lose the winter pounds so I can fit into the wardrobe that I held on to.  My size 10’s don’t fit anymore, but I am determined to get into them!

So what did I do with the $17.40?  I put it in my new, fancy Art Jar:
ImageSince many of my goals this year revolve around art classes and supplies, I am going to start saving for them this way.  This jar will only take cash and silver-colored coins.  I already put a bit of my Christmas cash in there and it is now $17.40 richer!

I walked to and from Buffalo Exchange, which was probably a mile round-trip (carrying a heavy bag and box to AND from to my dismay) but I didn’t log it in my Nike+ Running App, but did track a 3.71 mile jog/walk to run some errands!  So I’ve burnt about 583 calories (according to MyFitnessPal) and will be cooking spaghetti with chicken instead of beef tonight because I already have all of the ingredients at home (except parmesan cheese….which will be happening)  I’m hoping I have the energy to do some YouTube Yoga tonight, we shall see.

I also applied to 2 jobs today via LinkedIn, which is a place I haven’t looked to for jobs before.  I need to broaden my horizons and start looking beyond Arts Administration and look into ANY administration….I need to get paid and stop being such a stubborn Gen Yer that is dedicated to passion over paychecks.  I need to get paid.

All in all, baby-steppin’ to where I want to be!


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