Day 3: Two Steps Forward….

Today I went to my internship and learned that we no longer had an Executive Director…so the proposal that I had given to her before Christmas was most likely lost to the world.  Basically, nothing is going to really change here until a new director is hired….so I’ll continue to intern and give it 110% in the hopes that I can get some of that sweet, sweet general operating budget in the form of a paycheck.
I will also not put all of my eggs into this one basket and continue to job hunt and informational interview.

I also got one rejection e-mail from a position I applied for over a month ago.  Thanks, bro.

In health news, I didn’t do a whole lot of exercise today beyond biking to and from my internship (like 10 minutes) and running up and down stairs….but apparently lugging a box and bag of Buffalo Exchange stuff through Philly ROCKED my arms and shoulders.  I haven’t been this sore in so long…I’m pretty sure I pulled something.  So I didn’t do much beyond daily activity.

In financial news, I didn’t go out to eat for lunch today, just took some oatmeal with me.  Still need to invest in kicking my Dunkin’ habit….but it was on sale today so I’m not too upset about my $1.07 pick-me-up

This weekend I’ll be going to MAGFest in Washington D.C. and am BEYOND EXCITED!


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