MAGFest and This Week!

It kind of always kills me that MAGFest is usually the first week of the new year because it completely throws off most goals.  For me, it’s a weekend of drinking and eating with some of my favorite people in the world.  Before I berate myself for my poor eating and spending habits, I will tell you about the awesomeness.



I figured this would be the best picture to open up with…this was Friday night at about 7pm.

Team Impact defeats The Stompadons in Tag Team Warfare!

 SUPER ART FIGHT is pretty much the only con-related event/panel that I attend at any convention and was super pumped to share the experience with my boo.  My cohorts and I revel in being the loudest when cheering, especially for one of our own, Phil Kahn.




Art Fight got some creative juices flowing within us (that apparently mix well with beer) and we decided to do put on Arts & Drafts: MAGFest Addition.  Our crew took over a table, half with people gaming and half with some supplies Steph and I had brought…nothing fancy at all.  A box of collage scraps, a few gluesticks, scissors, pieces of paper, and some watercolors.  A few people stopped by at our table and whipped out sketchbooks and had a drink with us.  Alan, a graphic designer in New York, made several small portraits and sketched my Miller Lite can….which may have to get framed.  He and his girlfriend, Zoey, were wonderful new friends to make.  That’s what I love about doing Arts & Drafts- I get to meet wonderful people and enjoy the inspiration and expression that come from them.  

That’s pretty much all of the photographic evidence you will get.  And now on to berating myself.

In reality, spending $250 total for a whole weekend at a convention really isn’t bad.  Bringing our own beer….and buying more macro brew than micro….really saved our budget for this.  We stopped in Delaware at Total Wine & More…..which is probably the most amazing booze mecca I have ever been to.  We even had some of our stash leftover which will cut down on spending on that this month.  Holler.

I spent the majority of my money on food and tipping hotelstaff for stuff.  Next year I really need to commit to bringing snacks/breakfast foods (AND WATER) so that we only eat out once a day.

This week I need to apply to ALL THE JOBS!  I am also starting my part-timer as a Jeni’s Ice Cream Ambassador!  This will be great for me because it’s very flexible and is something that I can do even if I get a full-time job soon.  I will probably pick up another part-time job this month…which will mean that I have to stop volunteering at Philly AIDs Thrift.  Money.  I needs it.

I’m going to continue to intern on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the day and would really like to dedicate Mondays to thesis and job-hunting.  I like this routine and should probably stick with it.  

Fitness-wise, GET BACK TO RUNNING FATTY!  I would like to do yoga 3 times this week.  Let’s see if I can make that happen.





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