Day 7. MONDAY.

Ouch, today’s grocery bill has already got me whining at 10:30am on a Monday!

A friend and I are doing The Fresh 20 together, where you buy 20 fresh ingredients every week and are given 5 recipes to cook with.  So far, it has really expanded my cooking knowledge and gotten my boo and I to try new things!  My average grocery bill for this has only been about $30 so far…but today I was up to $51.27 and still need to obtain ricotta cheese, fresh parsley, beef sirloin steak, and fresh  salmon fillet.  I do most of my shopping at Trader Joe’s because it’s convenient and their prices are comprable to Acme but with a slightly higher-quality of produce.  I also had to buy a lot of organic this week because TJ’s was out of the generic…so that wasted a few pennies.  I’m gonna peep the Acme sales and hit them up later so I can get cheap meat/seafood.  I’ll also probably grab some more fruits, since some of TJ’s were looking kinda bleh and were kind of pricey.

Today I am going to apply to a bunch of jobs and work on my thesis crap.  I’m also going to go for a job to print out things for my Jeni’s training and it will be awesome.

I’ll probably update this post later after I accomplish things.  Keeping this journal seems to help me feel accountable, even if nobody reads it.

UPDATE: I ended up spending $56 at Acme to get the remaining groceries.  OUCH!  The $12 I spent on ice cream and tastykakes was not that awesome….but the Tastykakes are for my friend.  His whole bag was stolen after a convention this weekend and he needs something sweet and delicious.  The sirloin steak and salmon were also pretty damn expensive.

Tonight’s Fresh 20 meal was mushroom & ricotta paninis with a side salad…and a beer.  The beer is to clear up room in the fridge.  Yeah.  That.  It was pretty good, but would probably add more spices next time.  I think I’m going to start telling Jon he has to buy the ice cream so I don’t have to waste so much money.

I jogged almost 2 miles today which isn’t anything crazy, but I also didn’t eat a whole lot so it’s fair.

Applied to 3 jobs!  Hopefully one of them will come through.

I didn’t get nearly as much thesis shit done today…..womp.  I’ll have to work on that.


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