75% of the Budget Already??


Oh yeah…most of my bills just went through.  I really wish PGW would also go through at that time so that ALL of them would be out at the same time.  I don’t have much money left in my account, so I did a little transfer.  I can’t keep doing that every month!  I’ve got to work on that.  I also went out to eat/drink tonight…and yes, it was happy hour so I got out for $15…but I didn’t need to spend that.  I feel bad.

Career-wise…I talked with the board member in charge today and feel kind of better about my position there.  She didn’t really know much about what I do there and I think now she gets the scope of what I’m doing….in an intern capacity.  I was clear that I would be sticking around until something either opened up there or something paid came up.  I told her that I had a passion for development, that I love fundraising and even host events in my spare goddamn time to do it and that I was really excited to drive the PAA into a full transition engaging a new generation of craft enthusiasts.  
That meeting ended with her giving me a copy of the strategic plan that was created in 2007.  She asked me to read it tell her what went wrong and why it didn’t work.  Five pages in, I can already see a lot of holes and have a LOT of questions.  We’ll see how the next 30 go.

I tried The Fresh 20’s salmon, zucchini, and brown rice recipe today…it was pretty good.  Gonna keep on track with that this week.  I really want ice cream right now….but the beer and snacks at happy hour put me over.  UGH WHY IS HEALTHY SO HARD??


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