I’m the worst at saving the funds.  Just the worst.

I volunteer at a thrift store once a week and today I spent $25.50 that I probably shouldn’t have….but here’s the breakdown:


Awesome Mushroom Cookie Jar: $13.99
Unworn Black Leather Ankle Boots $10
Philly Phanatic T-Shirt $7
8 Cards for Arts & Drafts: .50
Total: $34.99
Total with Employee Discount: $25.50

I know it’s kind of weird…but I have wanted a cookie jar like this for a really long time.  After coveting my friends’ jars…I decided I had to have it.  And for under $10….yeah, that had to happen.  
I paid with cash that was floating around in my purse so I didn’ t have to dip into my bank account…so that’s a thing I guess.

I was really proud of myself for not stopping and getting New York Chicken & Rice…which I always get when I’m on my way home because I’m always starving and it’s cheap and delicious.  I waited until I got home and ate a snack and cleaned up my rooms a bit and finally took out some trash.  It was good to do some stuff around the house.

I tried cooking Beef Stroganoff from The Fresh 20 tonight…..and I should just stop trying to cook cows.  I’m not good at it.  It was edible…but not delicious like some of the other ones.

I biked a lot today and am tired.


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