Some Productivity!

Yesterday I didn’t post….because I was too busy!  I got up in the morning and met with one of my thesis advisers which made me feel a lot better about that project and he has faith that I can knock it out by June.

AND THEN I WENT TO THE GYM!  It was only for 35 minutes…. because it was hot and smelly and everywhere I wanted to do things was full of kids.  BUT I WENT!  And I walked to and from there.  I felt really accomplished even if it wasn’t that much stuff.  I also had Jeni’s training so my part time job is now in full swing!

Today was my first demo for Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Di Bruno Brothers.  It went well!  One dude bought like 5 ice creams at once.  It’s a very laid back gig and it’s like nothing in 3-5 hour shifts.  I just have to be careful of my nose running.  Womp.

I think I’m selling my tablet today for $220 which would be great because it gets out of my house and I have cash! Hollaaaaaa.

Update: I didn’t sell the tablet….but I also didn’t go out to eat or do anything tonight.  We defrosted some chili from the back of the freezer and are staying in watching Netflix movies or something.  Another day of saving!  I also realized that Jon has a $100 gift card to Whole Foods so Im going to use that tomorrow to get our Fresh20 supplies.  Holler.  Gonna save some funds this week and possibly even get paid!


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