Cabin Fever….Fight Through It!

Trying to stay in so I stop spending so much money!  ARG!  I’m starting to get really sick of staying home on weekends, especially on weekends like today when it was BEAUTIFUL outside and I was stuck desk-sitting and didn’t even know it was amazing out.

Well at least I was sitting in there in the hopes of getting a paid position next week, I was able to get a lot of things done!  In fact…I got almost everything done that I needed to do this weekend.  Woops.  Tomorrow I’m going to bring my laptop and apply to jorbs and do SwagBucks.  After 3 weeks of mostly not taking it too seriously and just dicking around on it…I can get a $10 gift card to some awesome stores (uhhh hello The Limited).  It’s also pretty much all I’m doing tonight because I’m too lazy to work on the quilt project yet…maybe after dinner.

I’m hoping getting into crafts again will make the staying home suck a lot less.  I’m a social creature but I just can’t handle money when I’m out.  Womp.

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