I wonder if the new generation of kids gets that reference…since most of them don’t hear radio commercials and tv commercials for demolition derby stuff are rather nonexistent.

Yesterday was REALLY HARD to stay in all night.  Jon and I walked to the Vietnamese Market down the street to obtain some pad thai stuff and that alleviated a bit of the cabin fever situation.  I’ve got to hit up that market again for produce….79cents for a 5pack of garlic is pretty damn good!

Today I’m at the Art Alliance again…except today I don’t have anything to do!  I did everything that I could do yesterday so today I’m probably going to sit on SwagBucks and dick around on the internet.  Whatever, at least I’m not spending money!

Tonight we’re going over to Jon’s dad’s house for dinner…I love going there because I ALWAYS come home with at least one bag of groceries.  His dad has a compulsive spending issue and usually does this at Costco so I swoop in all “hey this is about to expire can I feed your son with it?” and then I don’t have to buy groceries for the week!  I was already planning on skipping the grocery store this week because I have enough stuff to whip us up a big batch of mac n cheese and spaghetti for the week.  It’s a lot of pasta…but it’s cheap, filling, and will last awhile.  I would like to try very hard to not go out a single weekday this week!  I feel like I should be able to go five days in a row without eating out.  If I can do this I will be really proud and think that will deserve a good Friday/Saturday date night dinner!  Ugh, it’s RESTAURANT WEEK!  I need to remember that this doesn’t mean great food specials…it’s just a gimmick to get people out spending during the slowest period for restaurants.

This week I am determined to figure out if I’m getting paid or not to sit at this desk.  If I am….awesome!  If not….well, I’m not giving up my weekends for free.  I don’t mind weekdays because coming here during normal workday hours makes me feel like I have some sort of a routine that helps gain experience while looking for a full-time position.  However, this desk-sitting business isn’t paying me or teaching me anything valuable for a career.

Also, I was invited to an awesome Groundhog Day event.  It’s $20 all-you-can eat AND drink…and I know for a fact that AIGA puts out a good spread.  A month ago I would have been HELL YEAH LET’S DO THIS but right now my inner-frugalnerd is saying $20 is a big part of your budget for one night on the first weekend of the month.  But normally for me to go out to eat AND drink I would pay on average a little more than that.  Jon and I seem to spend between….$30-$50 on a typical meal based on my budget for the last 3 months.  I thought it would be more than that but the only instances where it was more were on his birthday ($96, ouch!) and when another friend’s birthday came aboot ($65 which ain’t bad).  I should probably make an envelope to save receipts for things like this and donations I make this year.

Damn…I just looked at my budget for this month and I’m $15 over budget for this month and I’ve only eaten out twice on my dime.  There’s also a beer run in there for a convention and I still have a few bottles left.  I miss going out so bad!  I just want to try all of the different restaurants and bars and write reviews about them….I’m going to have to look where I can cut and see how much I’m actually going to make between Jeni’s and (hopefully goddammit) the Art Alliance.


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