Just……feeling good.

I’m feeling so good about the new year now.  The next 6 months are going to be a whirlwind and I’m all


I did purchase something at the thrift store yesterday….a Cole Haan purse for less than $5. It’s black and wonderful and if I don’t like it I will at least make my money back on it through ebay.  I love these wonderful finds.

Trying so hard to stay in because I know I don’t have money yet and I know I need to start paying student loans and get my save on.  It’s hard.  Jon and I went and got stuff at Acme last night to justify not going out…got dessert and a few drinks for the next few days.  Tomorrow I’m going to bring home the rest of the frozen meats I have and assess the situation.  I want to buy ALL of my meat for the next month of Fresh20 meals when I go on my Huge Delaware Shopaganza on February 8th.

Have I mentioned this?  I’ll tell you now.
I’m going to go on a huge shopping trip in Delaware to Costco, Total Wine & More, CVS, and Target.  I’m compiling a list of everything we need and then will choose which store will give me the best deal for it.  I’ve been following a lot of great blogs that give Target and CVS coupon and deal alerts.  I’ve also obtained a few coupons for things that will be super cheap or free.

This will make the rest of my month SO EASY and save me hella cash in the long run.  Then I can use that extra cash for fun things (and student loans)!

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