Not literal hiccups…the metaphorical kind that show up and rattle the situation.  My laptop screen broke yesterday!  Just as I was doing so well with my saving….something expensive breaks.  Luckily, my boyfriend says that the screen should be super easy to replace and the screen was only $66.  So if it could be a $66 fix instead of having to get a new one….that would be amazing.  Thank god he also has a laptop that he doesn’t use so I can get by this week.

I’m able to do SwagBucks while I’m at work!  If I bring my laptop, I can just let the videos play while I do things all day.  Yesterday I was on a forum and mentioned that I have enough points for a $10 gift card after being on the site for a month and they said it seemed rather time-consuming.  “I would probably find another way to get what I want in a month’s time” is what they said…and it kind of irked me.  Of course, I had to sit back and remember that it may seem like a waste of time to someone else.  To me, it seems rather effortless…it’s only a few clicks throughout the day or a 30-minute survey here and there.  However, I’ve almost completely given up doing the surveys because I’m just not in the right demographic for any of them.  

Staying in tonight working on my thesis, I’ll have a google doc to work from with my thesis to-do list this week.  I have plenty of time to work on it since I’m taking Tuesday and Thursday off from the Art Alliance!  Hollaaa!

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