Pimp-hands. I Give All of Them!

My boyfriend was able to fix my laptop screen!  WHAT AN AMAZING MAN!  We used this replacement screen that was only $66 with fast shipping….so much cheaper than getting it repaired by someone that doesn’t date me (it cost me the screen and dinner…that I was going to cook anyway) or buying a new laptop!  Hollllaaaa

The day after that happened, I decided to roll up some change.  NEVER USE A COIN COUNTING MACHINE!  They charge you or force you to use gift cards to their stores….the dollar store sells the rollers by the bag and your bank can deposit/cash them in for free.Image

I also took some more things to Buffalo Exchange and had a far more pleasant time.

….and then I spent the money eating out with Jon!  I’m the worst!

Today I did a lot better though!  First off, I didn’t get my usual Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee.  They were 99cents for most of the month and then they jumped up to $2.35 and I went OUCH!  So this morning I had some tea that was in the boyfriend’s house…it wasn’t a perfect replacement but I can make it do a few mornings a week.  I feel like I need my Dunky when I go to work….which is 4 days a week.  So I got a coupon for some grocery store carton of iced coffee and I’m going to give that a shot.


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