Next Month is Already Spent.

Today I did something that I have never done before….physically wrote down all of the bills/debt that I will have as of February 1st.  I wrote down all of my bills and the estimated costs.  

I haven’t included student loans because I don’t have to start paying those until June and I really need to take care of this debt before taking care of that debt.  Once I get on even playing ground and start getting paychecks.  By next month I will be using any additional funds at the end of the month to pump directly into my loans.

So the combined amount I will owe next month if I completely pay off all my credit cards, pay my auto insurance in full, and bills: $2,223.93


$1,200 will transfer into my bank account from savings tomorrow.  From there I will submit my rent check and am going on my HUGE Delaware Costco trip tomorrow.  A friend wanted to meet tomorrow so I decided to bump it up a week early to save gas.

My plan for this is to transfer the rest of the debt amount from my savings account and just pay it all off and ensure there’s enough in my account for the automatic payments to process.  From there I’m going to cancel the monthly automatic transfer from savings since I will be getting paychecks from now on and won’t touch it unless I’m putting money in.  The credit cards are cut up so once these payments are made they’re done with.

Now I’m brainstorming ways to fix the situation.  I’ve got some things up on ebay and I’m going to go through my apartment and start getting serious about getting rid of furniture/clothes/crap I don’t need.  I may even unplug and defrost my fridge because I just don’t need it.  I also asked my landlord about my PECO bill and I may have been paying my neighbor’s bill this whole time….so I’m about to call them and handle that.

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