Life: It Gets Busy & Complicated

The last week was kind of a shit show that I barely remember!

I had my first budget meeting and it was rather nerve-wracking!  Things are really starting to pick up here at the job and I kind of love it…I just really need things to start falling into place now.  I need to be able to get office work done and not just sit at the front desk.  Murr.

My other job started to pick up this week as well!   I did a demo on Saturday and will be doing another one today.  It appears to be good taht I’m doing these because it’s helping to cut my hours at the main job which they need.

I was really bad last week about spending money!  Ahh!  A friend unexpectedly came into town so we went out almost every night and it hurt my food and gas budgets rather hard.  With the gas prices rising this month I really have to dedicate myself to walking and bike-riding…or just bringing more stuff from my apartment to jon’s so I dont have to travel as much!

I’m really bummed to say that I won’t be able to go to Bootycon this year.  It’s in Chicago and would run me a good $400 4 days after my first student loan payment is due.  I just can’t justify that level of irresponsibility for a vacation to a state I’ve already been.  We shall see what happens between now and then….but that would require some miracle ebay and craigslisting.

Speaking of saving funds, Jon and I had a talk and I’ll be moving into his apartment when my lease is up at the end of August.  Knowing that, I will be able to help both of us get rid of unnecessary furniture and junk so we can live in his apartment.  We pretty much already live together since I haven’t slept in my own bed since November, but it’s different when all of our stuff is combined.

I need a snack.  And a nap.  Since I didn’t get to recharge my batteries this weekend with laziness I am super in-need of a day off…..and that’s just not happening until the weekend.  After my work shifts.


12 Ways to Be the Leader Everyone Wants to Work for

12 Ways to Be the Leader Everyone Wants to Work for

While I know I still have a long way to really becoming a leader in my field, I often find it helpful to read these things.  I also really like lists.

I find things like this helpful to keep an open mind through my career journey.  I often get embarrassed of 19 year old me at my first internship thinking I knew everything and was totally ready to be a career woman!

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The older I get, I feel like I take pride in finally accepting that I barely know anything.  I’m finding that it is more helpful in life to admit this and ask for help.  #5: “The great ones are always learning– and so are their people”

Looking at this list, these are the reasons I respect and admire some of the leaders I’ve encountered over the past year and know these are all things I need to work on so I can one day be an effective, awesome leader.

Monday Like a Boss

Wow!  I can’t believe how much I accomplished today!

I got up around 7:30 to be home by 8 to wait for PECO…expecting to be sitting in my apartment all freaking day.  Well they rolled up at 9am and were out by 9:15!  Hooray!  

With that, I took my butt out to the gym!  And then came home and took a bunch of ebay pictures and then was off to run errands and meet up for a mid-day thesis party.

I got home and prepared dough and brown rice for the week and made boca burgers for dinner.  Tomorrow I’ll get the rest of the ingredients I need for the week

Gotta Be Good This Week (ugh)

Well I had an Arts & Drafts event planned that I COMPLETELY forgot about and just canceled because I hadn’t even invited anyone soooo just kind of silently canceled it.  I really don’t have the funds to run one this week and I’d rather focus on the Field House and Art Alliance ones.

I HAVE to be good this week.  I’m going to get my Fresh20 list together and also make some crock pot chicken stock this week.  We have to stay in and get our not-spend on!

I threw a bunch of shit up on eBay tonight!  Everything I already had pictures of, so tomorrow AFTER THESIS TIME I will be taking more pictures and listing more shit.  So far I’m up to about $300!  That will go towards part of Valentine’s Day and student loans.

I have scheduled time to meet my thesis adviser this week so that I HAVE to work on it tomorrow.  Luckily, I’m trapped in my quiet apartment until PECO comes to look at my meter.  I hate that they don’t give you a legit time window.  I also want to get my buff on and I need to be able to do it at home.

First Work Week Down!

First week down!  Wow, I’m already exhausted.  I was able to get my hands on the QuickBooks and finally claimed a desk!  I’m excited to take the time to rearrange our office to be the best possible work space.  

My landlord is hassling me that they’re going to start showing my apartment, so that’s a sign that I’ve got to crack down on getting rid of some excess furniture and ebaying more shit so that when I do move it will suck less.  Think far ahead to get things done easiest!


So yesterday was kind of a crazy day.  I got up and went to the gym and got super buff, then came home and did some shit like cleaned Jon’s apartment up a little bit.  I may or may not have been also assessing the possibility of us living in there together with a combination of all of our shit.  I think if we both sold unnecessary furniture it could work.

I was really bad last night.  Totally splurged and went out and got shitfizzled and spent a little over $60 in one night.  Woopsies.

And I just got an e-mail from good ol’ Great Lakes saying that my grade period will be over in June so I have to start making student loan payments June 16th.  F. M. L.  So for a few months I’ll have to pull a little over $1400 out of my ass for 2 months because I’ll still be in my apartment and my student loans actually cost more than my rent per month.  Welp.

Going to have to hermit up for the rest of the month.  Or just work all the damn time.  I can do both.

Feeling so Thankful!

Yesterday I went to Costco and my dad met up with me and paid for everything….I almost cried.  I feel like words really can’t express how thankful I was.  It saved me a LOT of money and will make shopping/cooking so much easier for the next 6+ months.

I paid off A LOT OF THINGS yesterday!  I paid off all of my credit cards and the rent…so now all that’s left is Geico, PGW, Comcast, and PECO.  I have to keep at least $510 in my account through the end of the month to ensure all of my bills get paid without overdraft problems.

I sold my Xoom for $211 on ebay!  Way more than what Craigslisters were offering!  And that Cole Haan purse I bought for $3.50?  Sold for $35.  Boom.  I’m definitely going to continue ebaying things through the month of February

I feel really good about this month and am pretty sure I’ll be able to start paying dem student loans!!! HOLLLLAAAAA!