Feeling so Thankful!

Yesterday I went to Costco and my dad met up with me and paid for everything….I almost cried.  I feel like words really can’t express how thankful I was.  It saved me a LOT of money and will make shopping/cooking so much easier for the next 6+ months.

I paid off A LOT OF THINGS yesterday!  I paid off all of my credit cards and the rent…so now all that’s left is Geico, PGW, Comcast, and PECO.  I have to keep at least $510 in my account through the end of the month to ensure all of my bills get paid without overdraft problems.

I sold my Xoom for $211 on ebay!  Way more than what Craigslisters were offering!  And that Cole Haan purse I bought for $3.50?  Sold for $35.  Boom.  I’m definitely going to continue ebaying things through the month of February

I feel really good about this month and am pretty sure I’ll be able to start paying dem student loans!!! HOLLLLAAAAA!

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