First Work Week Down!

First week down!  Wow, I’m already exhausted.  I was able to get my hands on the QuickBooks and finally claimed a desk!  I’m excited to take the time to rearrange our office to be the best possible work space.  

My landlord is hassling me that they’re going to start showing my apartment, so that’s a sign that I’ve got to crack down on getting rid of some excess furniture and ebaying more shit so that when I do move it will suck less.  Think far ahead to get things done easiest!


So yesterday was kind of a crazy day.  I got up and went to the gym and got super buff, then came home and did some shit like cleaned Jon’s apartment up a little bit.  I may or may not have been also assessing the possibility of us living in there together with a combination of all of our shit.  I think if we both sold unnecessary furniture it could work.

I was really bad last night.  Totally splurged and went out and got shitfizzled and spent a little over $60 in one night.  Woopsies.

And I just got an e-mail from good ol’ Great Lakes saying that my grade period will be over in June so I have to start making student loan payments June 16th.  F. M. L.  So for a few months I’ll have to pull a little over $1400 out of my ass for 2 months because I’ll still be in my apartment and my student loans actually cost more than my rent per month.  Welp.

Going to have to hermit up for the rest of the month.  Or just work all the damn time.  I can do both.

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