Gotta Be Good This Week (ugh)

Well I had an Arts & Drafts event planned that I COMPLETELY forgot about and just canceled because I hadn’t even invited anyone soooo just kind of silently canceled it.  I really don’t have the funds to run one this week and I’d rather focus on the Field House and Art Alliance ones.

I HAVE to be good this week.  I’m going to get my Fresh20 list together and also make some crock pot chicken stock this week.  We have to stay in and get our not-spend on!

I threw a bunch of shit up on eBay tonight!  Everything I already had pictures of, so tomorrow AFTER THESIS TIME I will be taking more pictures and listing more shit.  So far I’m up to about $300!  That will go towards part of Valentine’s Day and student loans.

I have scheduled time to meet my thesis adviser this week so that I HAVE to work on it tomorrow.  Luckily, I’m trapped in my quiet apartment until PECO comes to look at my meter.  I hate that they don’t give you a legit time window.  I also want to get my buff on and I need to be able to do it at home.

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