Life’s Funny That Way

Soooo in the last week or so I have become single and moved fully back into my apartment.  Things are hard, but I’ll slowly build my life back up!

I’m experimenting with a Fresh20 recipe in the crockpot tonight!  I’ll take it for lunch tomorrow and see how it was, I’m excited to cook and get back into a rhythm.  Routine is the key to recovery!

I’ve gone to the gym a few times in the last week and a half.  Tonight I went all the way to the gym only to find my zumba class was in another buidling.  Welp.  I came back home and started cleaning/decorating my apartment!  It’s more like a home now than it has in the year and a half I’ve lived here.  This is a good thing since I’m stuck here now.  I just HATE the hills coming home.  Great exercise, but exhausting!

I’m going to get my life back together.  I’m going to focus more on being a total boss at work.  I’m going to pimphand my thesis.  I’m going to eat healthy and fit into my shorts for summer!


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