Making My Apartment Livable

They’re showing my apartment for the first time tomorrow, so I’ve been working hard to get it looking a bit nicer because I can’t stand the thought of people judging my living space.  It’s been a good project to put everything away and finally hang some artwork!

I also started a latchhook project last night.  I know that I can’t jump into dating right now, and I probably just need to spend more time at home.  This will help with saving money and being more comfortable being on my own.  Holler.  So i have a giant backroom full of projects!  I have a few unfinished paintings, hella blank canvases, paints, collage stuff, perler beat stuff, latchhook, steampunk stuff, and quilting.  Plenty of things to keep me busy and get some creativity out.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll have enough for an etsy shop after a few months!  Maybe…probably not…but maybe!

I also have ALL of the materials needed for all of these projects.  I don’t spend a dime!  Now if only I could get some friends to come over and craft with me!

I am bummed.  Trying to keep my mind occupied is hard, just gotta keep on trucking!

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