Today I was supposed to go to the gym…but I didn’t do it.  I went to my thesis meeting then came home and have been doing laundry and working on that.  I think I need a day to just be indoors…I have been biking and walking a lot.

I probably didn’t need to make shrimp mac n cheese tonight, but I wanted to have something comforting on a rainy cold day.  I cut up a lot of vegetables and put all of the scraps in either the stock bag or the Dirt Factory bag.  I’m going to have a whole bunch of scraps for them tomorrow!  I haven’t been for a few weeks…I hope it’s okay that it was getting kinda moldy.  I really like helping with the compost situation, it keeps my scraps out of the trash and goes to a good cause.

I’m trying to get back into swagbucks so I can earn dem giftcards!  I really need some new clothes so I’ll get back into that.

This week is good as I will get to add extra hours to my paycheck!  We’re doing a massive cleanout (um hellooo the thing I love to do most) that will take the next 2-3 weeks.  These hours don’t count towards our goal hours so I’m super pumped!  I need the extra funds.

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