Today was another really shitty Friday….why do I keep having these?

I got kicked out of a demo because a customer thought I called her fat because when a customer says not to an ice cream sample because their “watching their weight” or are “on a diet” I say “I’m on Weight Watchers I totally understand!” and she misheard me and thought I was saying she needed Weight Watchers.  So that kind of ruined my whole day and sent me into a mental meltdown that I still haven’t fully recovered from.  I hate letting people down and I hate when someone tries to say I have poor customer service when I try so hard to be great at it…and I am!  When there isn’t miscommunication.

I just want to sit on my ass and watch dumb sitcoms but all of the channels I get are about the Boston bomber thing, which is just even more fucking depressing shit.


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