Another Week of Awesome?

Since my schedule isn’t the Monday through Friday nine to five, Mondays don’t really feel like Mondays to me.  I guess you could say they’re more like my Friday…and yet I always feel like I need to finish out my main-job-work-week strong because everyone else is just getting started!  

My week has been kind of thrown for a loop with the passing of my good friend Jeff’s father, Steven Rosen.  He was an incredibly good man that I had the honor of meeting at Jeff’s wedding last month and I’ll be driving down to Maryland to pay my respects on Wednesday.

I guess we’ll start with yesterday since that was the beginning of another week of awesome – Can I finish out this month so strong?  Here’s how I’m already doing and it’s only Monday:
1. Saving money
Sooo I have not been the best with this.  I went out Saturday, I bought some possibly unnecessary groceries yesterday, and today I bought Five Guys….but more on that in the Weight Loss goal.
I already know I will have to buy another tank of gas and will most likely buy some food in Maryland, but there isn’t much to be done about that.  I’ll try to make it cheap and stick to minimal beverages.

2. Moving
Talked to the landlady briefly today and she said she would call me back…and of course she did not.  I will call her tomorrow and tell her if I’m going to pay for the whole month of August I will want the keys August 1st.  She knows that I’m not fully moving until mid-month so I think that’s why she’s slacking….and I really don’t care as long as I get my keys August 1st.
I’m donating a bunch of art supplies and a shelf to Philadelphia Art Alliance for the kids’ programming they’ll be starting in the fall.  That will clear out a large portion of my back room!  I’ll also be taking a round of donation stuff to the Goodwill on the way to Maryland tomorrow.  Just keep trimming the fat!

3. Weight Loss
So this morning I was feeling super unfocused and weird…then I realized that I haven’t eaten like any meat since Wednesday.  Since I have been craving Five Guys for almost two weeks now…I decided it was time to do that.  Yeah, it was most of my points for the day….it was so worth it.
I made sure to go to bootcamp tonight because it would bring my activity points up!  And it did.  And I feel badass.  I just want to be able to do one full pushup though.  Maybe that’s my August goal!

4. Thesis
I hammered out decoding a bunch of the surveys and printed some stuff.  If I can finish all of the surveys by the end of this month, I will consider this goal fairly pimp-handed.

So I’m already doing rather well!  I have to watch my food intake since I know I will have a few poor eating days.  I’ll save some cash by not eating so terribly.

Send me your good vibes!  Let me know what you’re struggling with and I’ll knock some back at ya.

3.8lbs. That’s it. And 4 Days Left of the Month.

So Saturdays are my Weight Watchers Weigh In Days.  I lost 3.4lbs this week which means:


I only have 2 weeks worth of weigh in coupons left, so I am really going to amp up my game so I hit lifetime just as my coupons run out so I won’t have to pay!  My weight loss and saving money goals for the month will be most appreciative.

So I said on Sunday that this week would be awesome.  It turns out that my positive energy and perseverance have paid off and this week was, in fact, totally fucking awesome.

So there are only 4 days left in the month and I’m sure I’ll post something Wednesday or Thursday about how my goals have gone.  I have to say that I feel really accomplished in 3 out of the 4….but my thesis goal is definitely lacking.  I hope that I can take some time this week to do something so I can feel like I made progress there too.  We’ll see how it goes.


You All Need To Know That Today Is Awesome

I know that all of those words don’t need to be capitalized….but I just think it looks better.

It turns out I am either able to see the future or I’m just awesome and getting things done when I stay positive.

Today I finally met with the landlady and filled something out and she said there will be a lease tomorrow.  We talked for a little bit, nice lady!  She apologized for being so scatterbrained and now everything’s good.

I am moving:
Tuesday, August 13th.

That is how much time I have to pack all of my shit, get rid of unnecessary shit, and get a bunch of little shit over into the new apartment so as not to waste Mambo Movers’ time.

I’m just going to throw this out there: paying for movers is okay.  Movers don’t strain friendships…or backs…and you don’t have to buy them beer or pizza afterwards.  And most importantly: they can do it fast because they know how to fit shit into trucks and then through tiny halls.  They won’t break your shit.  Or your walls.  And it won’t take a billion hours.

This goal is chugging along.  I just got so excited that I packed two boxes!

I also totally did a Core Fitness Bootcamp on the Art Museum Stairs which really rocks out my weight loss goal!  I wish there was a better way for me to calculate the points for it because my calculations make it only to have been 6 activity points….but man it felt like more than that!  Oh well,  now that I’m home I’ll pack some more shit up!  I’ve eaten really well today and still have 5 points left.  My goal this week is to only eat activity points and not touch my extra 49 since the weeks that I don’t touch those are the weeks I lose!  LIFETIME STATUS I’M COMING FOR YOU!

Lower Slower Delaware Days are Necessary.

Every few weeks I need to unwind, get out of the city, go somewhere….slow.  My dad lives in Delaware and this is my favorite place to go when stress starts to get high.  I get on Rt 13 south and it’s like a giant weight is lifted from me and it is awesome.  Here is how these Lower Slower Days are extremely helpful to my monthly goals from The Hermiting and how my week has been so far:

1. Saving money
Since I am with my dad and my dad is the best dad to ever dad the dads, I don’t pay for anything.  We eat what he has at home or we go out somewhere and he treats me.  I’m totally okay just staying at his house and hanging out in front of the TV and it is truly wonderful.  

2. Moving
I was able to bring a bunch of tubs from the apartment here since it’s stuff I don’t need.
My dad listens to me about my giant stress of having no contact with a landlady after telling her I want the apartment!  UGH JUST TAKE MY MONEY!  Well I have been advised to start looking again just in case this falls through in the next week.  I can’t survive off of a verbal “yeah you’ve got it” over the phone and then not hearing from her.  Hopefully this is just post-vacation blues and she will call me tomorrow so I don’t have to keep looking.

3. Weight Loss
This…is always rough at my dad’s.  We eat really well….like Old Mill Crab House with all you can eat fried chicken, shrimp, clams, hush puppies, corn, and crabs.  All the points?  All of them.
I have recently discovered that his boo’s 55+ active community has a gym and pool I can use!  I did this on the 4th and since I knew I was going to be fattying yesterday, I made sure to hit the elliptical for an hour and swam for a bit.  I don’t think it really negated the food damage, so I’m trying to be really good for the rest of the week.
Here’s a pic of me about to get super buff yesterday, Heritage Shores has a really nice locker room!Image:

4. Thesis
….yeah.  I didn’t do anything for this.  What’s wrong with me?  Help!  I need motivation for this!

This Week Will Be Awesome

A friendly reminder of the 4 goals I’m working on through July: The Hermiting:
1. Saving money
2. Moving
3. Weight Loss
4. Thesis

1. Saving Money
My income-based payment plan for student loans finally came through and I owe about $60 per month for both.  Phew.  This doesn’t mean I won’t do my best to add more each month, but it helps that it is no longer $776 per month!

Today I created a Google Map to map out the 10 stores I can demo Jeni’s so that I can contact them in pairs and do two demos a day.  Tomorrow we’ll be going over the schedule at my main job so I will be able to finagle demo days around my main schedule.  My goal is to do one day per week of demo’s with at least 2 per day.  Now that I know exactly what I owe for August, I’m excited to work on making up that difference and will soon figure out everything that will be due for September and do the same.

I haven’t gone grocery shopping in over a week and have been just living off of my freezer and pantry.  This means I haven’t necessarily made the best choices but I haven’t been out eating like an idiot either.

2. Moving
Hopefully I can meet with the landlady tomorrow and give her all my money.  I want to start calling PECO, PGW, and Cockcast to tell them to switch my service in August and see if I can get some deals.  If it’s cheaper to bundle, I may get cable.

I also need to look into moving companies so I can get my furniture moved!

I’ll be taking all of my quilting stuff and a few other tubs to my dad’s place this week.  That will free up some room and then I can also grab empty tubs to pack up more crap!

3. Weight Loss
After the 3lb gain last week, I’m a bit pissed.  I didn’t eat so well last night (damn munching) but I’m working to do well today.  This week I vow to only eat my activity points and not touch my 49 extra (dickaround points as I call them)

This will be slightly difficult if I go to my dad’s since we always eat like shit and I lay around…but I’m going there to lay around and rejuvenate.  I know that I am going to get at least one milkshake.  I know that I will either be eating at a place with an amazing (fatty) salad bar, an AYCE fried chicken/crab place, or a Mexican restaurant.  

I’m also thinking of entering this Weight Watchers Contest.  It would be nice to really write the essay and remind myself why I’m doing this and how far I’ve come.  It also doesn’t hurt to try to win stuff.  I like winning stuff.

4. Thesis
I need to get in touch with my professor and make an appointment.

I also need to finiish compiling my surveys so I have something to present to him.  I’m going to try to do that while I’m at my dad’s on Tuesday. 

I would love to hear everyone else’s goals and what they will do this week to accomplish them!

Ugh, the Yo Yo Plateau

It has a ring to it….but I’m mad about it.

To give you an idea of what I’m talking about:

I’ve pretty much stayed within the same poundage and I’m seriously within 5-9lbs of my Lifetime Status.  Pissing me off!

I know last week I got a little bread-heavy.  This week I was planning on cooking up some pasta because I have like a billion boxes of it and am trying to also not spend so much money…I may have to go for brown rice or something instead and find a better balance.

Tonight I plan on cooking some really iron-rich foods (as you can tell by my Red Cross tab) because I’m donating blood tomorrow morning!  Quick Soap Box: Donate blood.  It’s like the easiest goddamn thing you can do to save lives and help people and it’s free.  Your blood replenishes itself.  Do something awesome. *steps down*

I’ll be going to my dad’s on Monday and Tuesday which is always a challenge.  We ALWAYS go out to eat!  And everything is delicious!  I need to come up with a gameplan so I can get some kind of exercise if I’m going to be lazy, sit around, and eat.  Also, that is the main reason I go to Delaware: unplug from city livins, relax, and rejuvenate.  I just always go really overboard on the eating and drinking part and then it bites me in the patootie.  Must do more swimming in the pool and possibly hit the gym before.

I should be signing stuff and giving all of my money over for a new apartment tomorrow!  I hope this finally happens so I can officially be moving and really kickstart my getting-rid-of-shit and packing-other-shit situations.


Moving Thought: Freezer & Pantry

Since I am 89% sure I have somewhere to move in August, I got really excited this evening and started purging/reorganizing stuff.  I weeded out some art supplies, DVDs, books, purses, clothes, and a painting and shipped them off to Goodwill!  I didn’t even walk inside the Goodwill, because I have no money to spend right now ;)

I got to thinking….my kitchen has an overwhelming amount of shit.  Like….shit everywhere.  Aside from dishes and appliances there is also a lot of food being stored!  I have a full pantry, freezer, and fridge of stuff.  So I came up with a few recipes just out of the stuff that I have in my larder:

Asian Porkchops (Wednesday):
Boneless skinless pork chops, frozen veggie stirfry blend, brown rice

Chicken Salad(Wednesday):
Can of chicken breast, onion, carrot shreds, green pepper, celery, cranberries

Spaghetti (Saturday):
Crushed tomatoes, veggies in the fridge, shrimp, penne

Chicken Casserole (Sunday):
Cans of cream of chicken and mushroom soup, cheeses, lots frozen and fresh veggies, bread crumbs

Saturday and Sunday are great because I have a friend that is interested in doing a leftover swap with me.  We both live alone and get bored of eating our food forever…so we’ll swap whatever we have left sometime next week.  And if that falls through, both of these things will freeze well and thaw by lunchtime for work.

Just made a huge pot of coffee for iced coffee, gotta say NO DUNKY for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is also thesis day.  Followed by a Running Club Launch.

Handling all of my monthly goals

July 2013: The Hermiting

So I find that when I tell people my plans I am more likely to keep them (shocker, right?) and I have already told Facebook so now I will make a blog post.

I am going to be a hermit through the month of July.

Here are the reasons for the Hermiting:
1. I spent too much money in May and July.
Since starting Weight Watchers in March, I was losing weight at a rapid rate.  Since a lot of my clothes were already ill-fitting, I became quickly desperate for new clothing and bras….neither of which are cheap.  I also went on vacation to Chicago and didn’t take things like baggage fees, taxis, and Miller Lite into account (woopsies) and yeah.  Rent and bills have still been paid, but it leads into reason 2:

2. Lots of money-sucking shit is going down in August.
In attempts to be a legit adult, I have started looking at what bills will come up for the next month.  $3674.94 to be exact.  And since my main source of income only brings
a. Student Loans: To the tune of about $775 until my income-based payment application goes through.  Will be calling furiously tomorrow.
b. Moving: First, last, and security will be roughly $2,550.
c. Car Insurance: Not much to say.  $349.94

3. I’m moving next month.
Aside from the aforementioned cost of moving, I also need to pack my shit and get rid of a bunch of my shit. I’m 95% sure I’m signing a lease tomorrow for an awesome place…but it will have less space and I need to downsize.  I need to spend more time this month packing my shit, taking things I want to keep but can’t live with to my dad’s, and making it rain on Goodwill.

4. Hermiting is great for weight loss.
I’ve lost 20lbs since joining Weight Watchers (in 17 weeks holllerrrr) and in June I definitely plateaued.  I’m currently 4lbs away from becoming a Lifetime Member.  There are many awesome benefits to being a Lifetime Member…but the best are not having to pay for meetings or weigh ins anymore (as long as I stay within 2lbs of my goal weight) and I coud even work for Weight Watchers….which is actually something I would be quite interested in.
I also don’t eat as much fried, processed crap when I cook instead of going out/ordering.  And since I’m not going out and drinking beer, there is no hangover that requires a chicken cheesesteak the next day (seriously, why does this instantly cure any hangover?)
Since I have no social calendar, I can actually make it to gym classes, those last 3 bootcamps I have, and all of the free fitness things around Philly.

5. I have a thesis to write.
Oh yeah…that thing I’m about to be paying a fuckton (this is the literal measurement of my debt) of student loans for.  I’ve finished all of the classes and have a job “in my field” and now it’s time to finish up that stupid thesis so you can get that $76k piece of paper saying I did something.

TL;DR: I am working on these 4 aspects of my life this month:
1. Saving money
2. Moving
3. Weight Loss
4. Thesis

So….Jamie….how has this been going?
Saving Money: I’ve spent $507.86 of my $1,180.51 budget.  So far I’m doing really good in the food, “health” (copays, prescriptions, therapy, etc), and Rent/Utilities department (thanks to paying my last 2 months of rent together in June because of the anticipated deposit I will have to put down elsewhere).  I’ve gone over on transportation and credit card payments…as I just paid off all of my credit card debt from May and June’s spending sprees.  I currently have all of the deposit money I need in my account ready to sign the check ASAP.

2. Moving: The first half of this month was dedicated to apartment hunting and I’m pretty sure I found the one on Friday.  Waiting until tomorrow to meet with the lady to sign the lease!  I’m praying nothing disastrous happens between now and then because it is the perfect place in the perfect location…a little higher than I want to pay, but I’m paying to not live in a shitty area.  I’ve packed up two boxes to take to my dad’s so far and would like to host a craft night to get my friends to come over and use up some resources!

3. Weight Loss:  The month started rough because of the 4th of July and hanging in Delaware for a few days…which I always eat kind of crappily because LOWER SLOWER IS DELICIOUS.  I was down 5 lbs this week!  I have two physical therapy appointments, checking out a free running club, and am going to get my cook on at home this week.

4. Thesis: LOLOL leading up to next week.  This week I have even slated off a day in my Google Calendar that says “THESIS DAY” so that is what I’m doing Tuesday for the 6 hours between physical therapy and the running club.  If I just take this one day to compile my date I will have enough of something to set up a meeting with my advisor.  If someone would like to come over and sit with me while I count up survey shit, please do.  PLEASE.  PLEASE DO.