July 2013: The Hermiting

So I find that when I tell people my plans I am more likely to keep them (shocker, right?) and I have already told Facebook so now I will make a blog post.

I am going to be a hermit through the month of July.

Here are the reasons for the Hermiting:
1. I spent too much money in May and July.
Since starting Weight Watchers in March, I was losing weight at a rapid rate.  Since a lot of my clothes were already ill-fitting, I became quickly desperate for new clothing and bras….neither of which are cheap.  I also went on vacation to Chicago and didn’t take things like baggage fees, taxis, and Miller Lite into account (woopsies) and yeah.  Rent and bills have still been paid, but it leads into reason 2:

2. Lots of money-sucking shit is going down in August.
In attempts to be a legit adult, I have started looking at what bills will come up for the next month.  $3674.94 to be exact.  And since my main source of income only brings
a. Student Loans: To the tune of about $775 until my income-based payment application goes through.  Will be calling furiously tomorrow.
b. Moving: First, last, and security will be roughly $2,550.
c. Car Insurance: Not much to say.  $349.94

3. I’m moving next month.
Aside from the aforementioned cost of moving, I also need to pack my shit and get rid of a bunch of my shit. I’m 95% sure I’m signing a lease tomorrow for an awesome place…but it will have less space and I need to downsize.  I need to spend more time this month packing my shit, taking things I want to keep but can’t live with to my dad’s, and making it rain on Goodwill.

4. Hermiting is great for weight loss.
I’ve lost 20lbs since joining Weight Watchers (in 17 weeks holllerrrr) and in June I definitely plateaued.  I’m currently 4lbs away from becoming a Lifetime Member.  There are many awesome benefits to being a Lifetime Member…but the best are not having to pay for meetings or weigh ins anymore (as long as I stay within 2lbs of my goal weight) and I coud even work for Weight Watchers….which is actually something I would be quite interested in.
I also don’t eat as much fried, processed crap when I cook instead of going out/ordering.  And since I’m not going out and drinking beer, there is no hangover that requires a chicken cheesesteak the next day (seriously, why does this instantly cure any hangover?)
Since I have no social calendar, I can actually make it to gym classes, those last 3 bootcamps I have, and all of the free fitness things around Philly.

5. I have a thesis to write.
Oh yeah…that thing I’m about to be paying a fuckton (this is the literal measurement of my debt) of student loans for.  I’ve finished all of the classes and have a job “in my field” and now it’s time to finish up that stupid thesis so you can get that $76k piece of paper saying I did something.

TL;DR: I am working on these 4 aspects of my life this month:
1. Saving money
2. Moving
3. Weight Loss
4. Thesis

So….Jamie….how has this been going?
Saving Money: I’ve spent $507.86 of my $1,180.51 budget.  So far I’m doing really good in the food, “health” (copays, prescriptions, therapy, etc), and Rent/Utilities department (thanks to paying my last 2 months of rent together in June because of the anticipated deposit I will have to put down elsewhere).  I’ve gone over on transportation and credit card payments…as I just paid off all of my credit card debt from May and June’s spending sprees.  I currently have all of the deposit money I need in my account ready to sign the check ASAP.

2. Moving: The first half of this month was dedicated to apartment hunting and I’m pretty sure I found the one on Friday.  Waiting until tomorrow to meet with the lady to sign the lease!  I’m praying nothing disastrous happens between now and then because it is the perfect place in the perfect location…a little higher than I want to pay, but I’m paying to not live in a shitty area.  I’ve packed up two boxes to take to my dad’s so far and would like to host a craft night to get my friends to come over and use up some resources!

3. Weight Loss:  The month started rough because of the 4th of July and hanging in Delaware for a few days…which I always eat kind of crappily because LOWER SLOWER IS DELICIOUS.  I was down 5 lbs this week!  I have two physical therapy appointments, checking out a free running club, and am going to get my cook on at home this week.

4. Thesis: LOLOL leading up to next week.  This week I have even slated off a day in my Google Calendar that says “THESIS DAY” so that is what I’m doing Tuesday for the 6 hours between physical therapy and the running club.  If I just take this one day to compile my date I will have enough of something to set up a meeting with my advisor.  If someone would like to come over and sit with me while I count up survey shit, please do.  PLEASE.  PLEASE DO.


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