Moving Thought: Freezer & Pantry

Since I am 89% sure I have somewhere to move in August, I got really excited this evening and started purging/reorganizing stuff.  I weeded out some art supplies, DVDs, books, purses, clothes, and a painting and shipped them off to Goodwill!  I didn’t even walk inside the Goodwill, because I have no money to spend right now ;)

I got to thinking….my kitchen has an overwhelming amount of shit.  Like….shit everywhere.  Aside from dishes and appliances there is also a lot of food being stored!  I have a full pantry, freezer, and fridge of stuff.  So I came up with a few recipes just out of the stuff that I have in my larder:

Asian Porkchops (Wednesday):
Boneless skinless pork chops, frozen veggie stirfry blend, brown rice

Chicken Salad(Wednesday):
Can of chicken breast, onion, carrot shreds, green pepper, celery, cranberries

Spaghetti (Saturday):
Crushed tomatoes, veggies in the fridge, shrimp, penne

Chicken Casserole (Sunday):
Cans of cream of chicken and mushroom soup, cheeses, lots frozen and fresh veggies, bread crumbs

Saturday and Sunday are great because I have a friend that is interested in doing a leftover swap with me.  We both live alone and get bored of eating our food forever…so we’ll swap whatever we have left sometime next week.  And if that falls through, both of these things will freeze well and thaw by lunchtime for work.

Just made a huge pot of coffee for iced coffee, gotta say NO DUNKY for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is also thesis day.  Followed by a Running Club Launch.

Handling all of my monthly goals


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