Ugh, the Yo Yo Plateau

It has a ring to it….but I’m mad about it.

To give you an idea of what I’m talking about:

I’ve pretty much stayed within the same poundage and I’m seriously within 5-9lbs of my Lifetime Status.  Pissing me off!

I know last week I got a little bread-heavy.  This week I was planning on cooking up some pasta because I have like a billion boxes of it and am trying to also not spend so much money…I may have to go for brown rice or something instead and find a better balance.

Tonight I plan on cooking some really iron-rich foods (as you can tell by my Red Cross tab) because I’m donating blood tomorrow morning!  Quick Soap Box: Donate blood.  It’s like the easiest goddamn thing you can do to save lives and help people and it’s free.  Your blood replenishes itself.  Do something awesome. *steps down*

I’ll be going to my dad’s on Monday and Tuesday which is always a challenge.  We ALWAYS go out to eat!  And everything is delicious!  I need to come up with a gameplan so I can get some kind of exercise if I’m going to be lazy, sit around, and eat.  Also, that is the main reason I go to Delaware: unplug from city livins, relax, and rejuvenate.  I just always go really overboard on the eating and drinking part and then it bites me in the patootie.  Must do more swimming in the pool and possibly hit the gym before.

I should be signing stuff and giving all of my money over for a new apartment tomorrow!  I hope this finally happens so I can officially be moving and really kickstart my getting-rid-of-shit and packing-other-shit situations.



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