Lower Slower Delaware Days are Necessary.

Every few weeks I need to unwind, get out of the city, go somewhere….slow.  My dad lives in Delaware and this is my favorite place to go when stress starts to get high.  I get on Rt 13 south and it’s like a giant weight is lifted from me and it is awesome.  Here is how these Lower Slower Days are extremely helpful to my monthly goals from The Hermiting and how my week has been so far:

1. Saving money
Since I am with my dad and my dad is the best dad to ever dad the dads, I don’t pay for anything.  We eat what he has at home or we go out somewhere and he treats me.  I’m totally okay just staying at his house and hanging out in front of the TV and it is truly wonderful.  

2. Moving
I was able to bring a bunch of tubs from the apartment here since it’s stuff I don’t need.
My dad listens to me about my giant stress of having no contact with a landlady after telling her I want the apartment!  UGH JUST TAKE MY MONEY!  Well I have been advised to start looking again just in case this falls through in the next week.  I can’t survive off of a verbal “yeah you’ve got it” over the phone and then not hearing from her.  Hopefully this is just post-vacation blues and she will call me tomorrow so I don’t have to keep looking.

3. Weight Loss
This…is always rough at my dad’s.  We eat really well….like Old Mill Crab House with all you can eat fried chicken, shrimp, clams, hush puppies, corn, and crabs.  All the points?  All of them.
I have recently discovered that his boo’s 55+ active community has a gym and pool I can use!  I did this on the 4th and since I knew I was going to be fattying yesterday, I made sure to hit the elliptical for an hour and swam for a bit.  I don’t think it really negated the food damage, so I’m trying to be really good for the rest of the week.
Here’s a pic of me about to get super buff yesterday, Heritage Shores has a really nice locker room!Image:

4. Thesis
….yeah.  I didn’t do anything for this.  What’s wrong with me?  Help!  I need motivation for this!

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