Another Gain!!!

Up 1.8 this week.  But today there was an interesting discussion during my meeting where our leader, John, said that you don’t have to weigh in if the number on the scale will deter you from coming to meetings.  You can just come in, pay for the meeting, and come back next week!  I’m not really down with that, I like having the accurate week-to-week.  John also said that he needs to check with everyone about their goal weights.

So my goal weight was 135.  And I’ve been yo-yoing between 138-140 since June.  It’s starting to really bum me out and discourage me, feeling like I will never get down to 135.  And what makes it an even bigger deal…is I’m not so sure I want to get down that far.  I feel like I’m at a healthy, normal weight right now and honestly am afraid that getting down to 135 will just mean losing more boob weight and not really making a vast difference.  I’m okay with the weight I’m at and the only thing stressing me out is a stupid number for Weight Watchers so I can be Lifetime and not have to pay every week.  It’s stupid.

On that note….I already ate my 10point brunch and I’m still hungry >:C I have some fruit to munch on but I’m stuck at work for 4 hours and 45 minutes.

>:C   >:C   >:C 

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