Being An Adult This Week

Moving Sucks!!!! Here are some of the things I’ve done this week
-Transferred/Got better deal on Comcast
-Transferred PGW
-Transferred PECO
-Thrift store purged closet
-Cleaned out sock drawer: I was amazed how many lone rangers I had in there!  I HAVE SO MUCH ROOM NOW!
-Going to Delaware on Friday to get tubs (and a car tune-up) from the padre.
-Set up a date with a friend to help pack up the kitchen and bathroom with said tubs

I’ve been accomplishing a lot this week and I have both jobs in full swing.   I feel good earning that dollar sometimes.

I’ve calculated my bills and my September rent to see how much I will owe throughout the month (now that the deposit is out of the way!) and I need to remember that I will owe: $1,276.71

Knowing this, I started booking demos left and right.  I had to stop myself from approaching every single market!  Always give yourself decompression days, you can’t work everyday forever. 

Today I also reached out to my thesis adviser and told him that I want to meet at the end of this month.  That will give me plenty of time to get all of my shit in order and GET THIS THING MOVING!

I feel like I’m progressing this week and hope you are too!


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