Sometimes Even I Go “Wah, I’m Single”

Went to a comedy show tonight because a friend’s boyfriend was in it.  I don’t go out often these days so when I do…I like to look a bit cute.  I put on heels (*cough*wedges*cough*) and lipstick and my best skinny jeans.  

So it turns out that I only feel bad about being single when I go out to places where there are dudes.  As long as I sit in my apartment with cable or the internet I don’t feel like a loser.  Also just throwing out there that I find “comedy dudes” extremely attractive…maybe it’s the bearded T-shirt I-look-like-I-drink-heavily thing….I dunno.

Well the moral of the story is I’m now sitting at home sipping on a Skinny Girl cocktail with hot pink lips and a pair of jeans that make my ass go BOOM.  But that doesn’t really matter because I am alone while doing this.

That’s about as “wah” as I can get.  Mainly because I know I look soooo fiiiiiiine right now.

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