Weight Watchers, Adult Purchases, Being Poor.

Here are the themes of today’s post!  WOOOOO! AREN’T YOU SO PUMPED?

Weight Watchers
This morning I weight 137.2…and my Goal Weight is 137!!!!  LOOK AT ME GETTING THERE AND SHIT!
From what I understand, I will have to stay within 2lbs of that for 2 weeks and then I will get Lifetime Status.  I want that status goddammit.

Something that felt really good: One lady hasn’t come to WW for about a month or so and she came up to me today and told me that I look amazing!  She didn’t even recognize me!  Hollllllaaaa!

Adult Purchases
There are three things that I feel that I really need to purchase as they will be conducive to being an adult:
1. OxiClean
Adulting had a post on this the other day and I suddenly found myself really wishing I had some of this around.  I may or may not have thrown some stuff in the dryer to fluff it up with a tube of hot pink lipstick and I had nothing to fight the stains.  My neighbor had a jug of All with OxiClean in it and borrowing a serving of that saved 2 of the 3 articles of clothing that were hot pinkified.  Now I know that I need this shit in my life.

2. North Face Raincoat
The weather has been downright bipolar recently and with all of my packing/purging I have realized that I don’t have a lightweight coat.  At all.  I found this coat at a local store for even less than what Amazon is selling it for…and I think it’s a purchase I can justify.  North Face is a good brand and will last forever and this is a timeless style.  I may also need this walking home tonight as I forgot my umbrella and it looks like it may rain…not so adult of me.

3. Nice Filing Cabinet
I just have too many files and papers that I need to keep in order and the one that I have is already overstuffed.  I’m thinking something like this one from Walmart that looks more like a nice end-table than a filing cabinet.  Files are one of my biggest mess situations right now so this would be nice.

Being Poor
Since we’re talking about purchases….can we just talk about how much I love ALL of the Gap’s clothes right now?  I want to live in the Gap.  I cannot justify clothing purchases like this though since I don’t need them yet.  The clothes that I have are doing fine for now and I feel like those are things I can pick up at the thrift store when needed.

The jacket is still worth it to me since I know it’s last season’s and they will become jacked in price soon enough.  Praying that’s at the store when I get off work!

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