Go Ahead. Take a Wallow Day.

Sorry that I haven’t been so active!  I am here today because I am taking a Wallow Day

Here are all the stress-related (whining) reasons why.  Feel free to skip this and go right onto my stress management methods:

How do I deal with stress?
I give myself a day to just be a whiny, lame sack.  I’m gonna wallow and feel lame because it’s really important to feel your emotions.  Tomorrow will be a new day and if I just let it all come out while sitting on the couch watching crappy TV, it’s less likely to follow me to the next day.
Well…a half day.  I’m going to go see a friend and go do some girl things because working on yourself is always uplifting.

Tomorrow I will do something super active.  I swear exercise helps me stay positive!  Bootcamp definitely helped last night.

I also think about awesome things:  

  • Like today I graduated from physical therapy!!!  
  • I get to go to two sporting events this week…one of which I get paid for!
  • More than half of my apartment is packed


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