I Was Bad Last Week…This Week Will Be Better

With the move being all ridiculous and messing up my plans, my life has been a complete shit show.  Half of my crap is packed up, I have no groceries, and I’ve been going out more because I have no food at home and my apartment really sucks now that everything is packed up.

But First, Something Awesome:

Finally hit my goal!  I have 6 weeks of Maintenance with Weight Watchers and then it’s free.  It feels really weird to no longer be in weight loss mode and on the maintenance track…but I’ll take the extra 6 points per day (that uhh I’ve def already been eating anyway haha) but this is happening.  There’s no going back.  8 years of hard work, dedication, and lifestyle changes.  Feels good, man.

Now on to the lame things….

Final Numbers for Surgery
As mentioned before, I will need to pay for an important sinus surgery out of pocket and they said it would be around $5,000.  It’s actually $7,000.  I already put down the $1,500 deposit on it, so now I have until October 8th to to work on getting the $5,000 for the hospital and then I can make monthly payments of $100 to the doctor for the remaining $1,500 of her fee.  Awesome.

Extra Income Ideas:
I’m coming up with a gameplan on how to get extra income for this.  I am pretty much out of shit to sell and now need other ways to supplement.  I already started a few of these this week
So I’ve done 2 tasks so far and have another one after work today.  After today’s I will have made $99 for about 5 hours of work.  $19 an hour ain’t too shabby!
Okay, not sure how much I talk about Swagbucks…but I love it.  It’s something that I just keep running on my laptop all day and listen to the SBTV while I’m working.  At home, I just mindlessly click while reading or watching TV.  Basically you watch stuff, take surveys, look at offers, play games, yadda yadda and collect points that can be used for giftcards and stuff.  I was a casual user from January until last month and just redeemed points for my first $25 amazon gift card…which I used to buy adult self improvement books.  I can continue to get amazon cards or can also get gas cards, target, cvs, etc.

Here are some things that I need to do this week to get back on track:
1. Buy Groceries
I’ve been eating out a lot more and have been making lame choices.  So I’m going to go at least by some Smart Ones Frozen Dinners and stuff so I can have things at home
2. Finish Packing and Move
This is the only way I’ll be able to get my life back in order.  I’ve been so stuck since the move rescheduling and it will really be helpful to finally get out of my neighborhood.
3. Work out
I haven’t done anything exercise-y since Tuesday and I think that may also be part of why I feel so rundown and crappy.  I need to remember to squeeze something – even if it’s only 5-10 minutes of yoga – into each day.  Get that stretch on

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