My Habitat is Fucked and that Ruins Everything Else

Soooo I apologize for being off the radar for almost two weeks….it has been an interesting two weeks.

So I was told that contractors would be in my house this week just to work on the backyard.  Cool.  Fine.  Whatever.

That’s a big fat lie.

They apparently need to paint my apartment, spent half of the week fixing the front door, haven’t finished the backyard, and have been leaving doors open all day while they’re in here until 8 at night.  This has made my week beyond nerve-wracking because I can’t clean, unpack, or hang out in my apartment after work.  They’re all over the place. 

I’ve also been told that my stovetop and bathroom vent fan are both broken and will not be fixed until late September.

Needless to say, I am losing my shit slowly everyday because my habitat is beyond fucked and completely out of my control.  Since my habitat is fucked, every other aspect of my life is fucked.

I gained 2lbs this week at Weight Watchers…which is better than anticipated, but still fucking sucks.  I haven’t been eating right because I can’t unpack my kitchen (I’m not going to unpack my entire kitchen just to have it be covered in contractor dust) and spend a lot of time eating out or just eating sandwiches.  Getting tired of sandwiches.  I also haven’t been exercising because I don’t have any clean floor to put my yoga mat down.  I know it’s a lot of excuses….but I’m used to my routine and as soon as these contractors are out I’ll be back to it.

Wellll anyway, what am I doing to make September awesome?

First, I need to admit I spent money and show the things beyond my living budget that I owe:
$291 – Gap Card
$60 – Student Loans 

Second, how to do that:
September: The Nesting.  I won’t call it a hermiting because this place is not yet mine.  These contractors have to be out of here in the next week and then I can finally take the time to clean my place to my standards and start making it my home.  So anytime I’m not working…I’m trying really hard to be in my house.