First Day Back from Vacation

Many beers and foods were consumed.  A lot of sitting and laying down happened.  Just the perfect amount of hanging happened.  I used my vacation time wisely!  Today I got back to work with gusto and am ready to tackle all the things!

Preparing for The Fast:
Yes, I’m still doing that.  I even posted about it on Facebook today to hold myself super accountable.

In Delaware over the past weekend I managed to stock up on everything I need – most of which will last beyond July 15th.  I discovered that HomeGoods is a good place to get cheap seeds, oils, seasonings, etc. to amp up my meals!  I made an awesome oatmeal this morning with flax seeds, chia seeds, coconut, and PB2.  Yum.

I’m currently cooking some mexican chicken for the rest of the week.  Om nom tacos. 

First Day of Vacation

I took off this weekend intending to go to Ohio for PRIDE….but then my free flight plans fell through.  So I’m splitting the time up between my two favorite men: Delaware with dad and Baltimore with boo.

Today I got up around 7am, packed everything, and drove down to Delaware before Firefly traffic hit.  I have watched a Cops marathon for 7 hours.  I have drank lots of beer.  I ate fried chicken.  I did NOT go to Starbucks.  

So far, so good.

July 1 – 15: Spending Freeze

Oh, hey!  Two blogs in a week and the first in 2014.  I guess I’m trying to get myself back to a normal routine…and this silly little blog did help me keep focused…and I need that.  What better time than right before a vacation where I will jack my routine up once more?

One of my big issues: Money.  It’s not so bad that I’m getting phone calls or can’t make the nut every month…but my non-student loan debt has gone up a bit in the last few months.  I really like Starbucks now.  And am in a long distance-ish relationship which means not only am I spending more on travel…but I’m going out more because I want to share all the amazing things Philly has to offer!  

So I gotta knock it off.  And I’m gonna do that with a two-week spending fast.  I will be going to Delaware this week on vacation so I can stock up on some pantry staples and other toiletries.  July 1st: I’m done for 2 whole weeks that my calendar is currently empty so I will be loading that up with work.  This doesn’t mean I get to spend willy-nilly until then and I’m already doing better for that since my fridge is already stocked with this week’s lunches and dinners.  My hardest task will be kicking the Starbucks.  I guess it’s time to learn how to coldbrew!

I would love to hear any comments or tips people have from spending fasts!

Life Has Been Awesome.

Yeah, there’s been some severe radio silence from this blog….in all of 2014.  I am not saying I’m back, but I am here to tell you that I’ve been doing great things for myself.

1. Promotion
The beginning of this year was incredibly difficult with some unfortunate employee turnover and our fundraiser.  I managed to run the event with no boss and little support…it was not fantastic by any means, but we did not lose money!  After that, I received a full-time promotion and that is where the majority of my life has gone since.  I love it.

2. Sidegigs
One of the main reasons I received a promotion was because I was quitting to be an independent contractor and look for another job in my field while finishing my thesis (more on that later).  I was making more money through TaskRabbit, Craigslist random jobs, and referrals.  I have also been working for someone’s developing glass company and running their book club.

When I got the fulltime job I cut out TaskRabbit, Craigslist, and some of the cleaning gigs.  I’ve kept a few and continue to run  book club and (very rarely) help with the glass business.  I need the extra cash and it keeps me out of trouble…kind of.

3. Pimp-handed Thesis and Graudation
I graduated with my Master’s in Arts Administration yesterday.  The last few months have been furiously working on my thesis to get it just in time.  I’m finally done with Drexel University…yaknow, beyond owing them money for like the rest of my life.  But that’s okay!  I have a job in my field!

4. Boyfriend
Last but most definitely not least…been seeing someone since about December.  So…I guess you know where all my blogging time has gone ;) We live about 2 hours away from each other, but it has been really easy to see each other at least every 2 weeks or so.  He conveniently lives near all of my friends back home and I now have weekends off!  It’s kind of nice not going from zero to seeing each other every goddamn moment as quickly as relationships do these days.  I think it has helped me stay focused on what I’ve needed to do.

So What Now?
Now that graduation is over, I can really focus on work and use my spare time for other things…like reading for pleasure (one of the perks of running the book club!) and seeing my gentleman.  Continuing to take care of myself and have basically maintained weight through everything (trying to fight the relationship fat n happy) and…could do better to tighten on my finances.

I got rid of my Planet Fitness membership and now belong to 12th Street Gym.  I’m sold on spin classes and zumba and the fact that I am friends with one of the instructors.  It’s also 10 minute walk from my house so I have no excuse.

My credit card has been slightly run up…but I was fortunate enough to get some graduation cash!  That will take that debt down to about $1,500 and then the lofty student loans.