First Day Back from Vacation

Many beers and foods were consumed.  A lot of sitting and laying down happened.  Just the perfect amount of hanging happened.  I used my vacation time wisely!  Today I got back to work with gusto and am ready to tackle all the things!

Preparing for The Fast:
Yes, I’m still doing that.  I even posted about it on Facebook today to hold myself super accountable.

In Delaware over the past weekend I managed to stock up on everything I need – most of which will last beyond July 15th.  I discovered that HomeGoods is a good place to get cheap seeds, oils, seasonings, etc. to amp up my meals!  I made an awesome oatmeal this morning with flax seeds, chia seeds, coconut, and PB2.  Yum.

I’m currently cooking some mexican chicken for the rest of the week.  Om nom tacos. 


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