Spend Fast Day 9

The beginning of this week was pretty rough….I did end up ordering pizza when I didn’t get around to preparing my next round of meals. The next day, I went to the Save-A-Lot and got groceries and cooked a bunch of shit and made new iced coffee! BACK ON TRACK. I need to keep on top of my planning so I can feed myself.

My grocery shopping put me a bit over-budget when you factor in my CVS stuff and the pizzaganza. But that’s okay! I still haven’t spent any money this month on Starbucks or stupid lunches. And I’ve made an extra $280.

4th of July and the Weekend

Sooo I was a little rough on the 4th of July. I went and bought a few grocery-type things to make pulled pork and chicken salad, which I still had money for….but I feel a bit bad about buying a $3 ice cream when out with friends. However, I did make $18 for a sidegig I picked up.

But that’s okay! Onward and upward.

Today I did not have time to spend money…because I was making it! I’ve made $120 helping a family pack and move so far and plan to make another $18-$36 tonight on aforementioned sidegig.

Tomorrow, I’m going to be packing and moving some more. I’ve got plenty of iced coffee on-hand. I’ve got chicken salad. I’mma be okay.

Day 4!

Well Day 3 was pretty rough…I had to spend $16 at CVS for some health-related things that just couldn’t wait. However, I did give myself $30 for groceries so I will just take it out of that.

Today, I am crockpotting some BBQ pulled pork and going to a cookout at a friend’s house. All of my friends are also supporting my spend freeze and taking strides to be cheap with me. I also have a few beers in my fridge from get-togethers past so it’s going to be a good 4th!

Saturday and Sunday, I will be working from 10 till whenever packing up a family’s loft and helping them move to the suburbs. It’s going to be a long weekend but I will be making a decent amount of money. Today i am also meeting with another person I do odd jobs for and will be getting an assignment to make some huge spreadsheet. That will keep me busy all next week! Excited about the cash flow coming in for July. Also, pay day is next week.


Day 2: Work Costs Me

So…Day 2. Here we are.

One thing that I may have failed to mention is that I have booked up several side gigs to fill my evenings and weekends in the next two weeks! I’m doing some packing/cleaning gigs this coming weekend and then an inventory next Saturday. One lady that I do random things for asked if I can make a spreadsheet for her that will take about 10 hours….yes I will totally accept that and work on it in the evenings instead of going out.

Tonight I’m running our book club that pays me a decent amount of money. The catch: I have to pay for a few things and then get reimbursed. I had to purchase a $10 Amazon Gift Card, but I couldn’t find just one $10 card so I had to buy a pack of 3- $10 Gift Cards for $30. I will see if my boss will buy me a coffee…but otherwise I will feel compelled to purchase one. It would be rude not to, I feel like I need to lead by example for the group to patronize (in the original definition of the word) the place that is so nice and accommodating to us. Either way…I will make $50 and be re-reimbursed for the $10 Amazon card (and for the other two down the road as we need one for each monthly meeting) I will still come out making about $45 if I get a coffee.

Last night I made chicken salad for the next two days or so and, if I have the energy after book club, make some pasta with the leftover chicken stuff I have to bring me through 4th of July. I think I’ll be crockpotting some pulled pork from my freezer so that I have something to take anywhere i may end up!