Day 2: Work Costs Me

So…Day 2. Here we are.

One thing that I may have failed to mention is that I have booked up several side gigs to fill my evenings and weekends in the next two weeks! I’m doing some packing/cleaning gigs this coming weekend and then an inventory next Saturday. One lady that I do random things for asked if I can make a spreadsheet for her that will take about 10 hours….yes I will totally accept that and work on it in the evenings instead of going out.

Tonight I’m running our book club that pays me a decent amount of money. The catch: I have to pay for a few things and then get reimbursed. I had to purchase a $10 Amazon Gift Card, but I couldn’t find just one $10 card so I had to buy a pack of 3- $10 Gift Cards for $30. I will see if my boss will buy me a coffee…but otherwise I will feel compelled to purchase one. It would be rude not to, I feel like I need to lead by example for the group to patronize (in the original definition of the word) the place that is so nice and accommodating to us. Either way…I will make $50 and be re-reimbursed for the $10 Amazon card (and for the other two down the road as we need one for each monthly meeting) I will still come out making about $45 if I get a coffee.

Last night I made chicken salad for the next two days or so and, if I have the energy after book club, make some pasta with the leftover chicken stuff I have to bring me through 4th of July. I think I’ll be crockpotting some pulled pork from my freezer so that I have something to take anywhere i may end up!

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