Day 4!

Well Day 3 was pretty rough…I had to spend $16 at CVS for some health-related things that just couldn’t wait. However, I did give myself $30 for groceries so I will just take it out of that.

Today, I am crockpotting some BBQ pulled pork and going to a cookout at a friend’s house. All of my friends are also supporting my spend freeze and taking strides to be cheap with me. I also have a few beers in my fridge from get-togethers past so it’s going to be a good 4th!

Saturday and Sunday, I will be working from 10 till whenever packing up a family’s loft and helping them move to the suburbs. It’s going to be a long weekend but I will be making a decent amount of money. Today i am also meeting with another person I do odd jobs for and will be getting an assignment to make some huge spreadsheet. That will keep me busy all next week! Excited about the cash flow coming in for July. Also, pay day is next week.


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