Sometimes I Need to Stop and Listen.

I am officially in the 3 day countdown until vacation.  I’m going to Columbus, Chicago, and Harrisburg over the next 2 weekends!

I biked into work and got to the offices at 8:58am, thankful that I got there right on time and was already armed to the gills with iced coffee and WeightWatchers baked goods for breakfast.

The lady already at the office peers around her too-large screen and informed me that someone had called 5 minutes ago and was going to call my cell phone.  Sure enough, she had called while I was locking up the bike and trudging in.

This caller is an inspirational woman that is teaching me how to lead and run a large fundraiser and after we were done talking business I said “Try to have a good Monday!” and she said something along the lines of “I always have a good Monday.  I cannot choose the situations I’m put in, but I can choose how I let them affect me.”

Man, I wish I had really listened to that this morning instead of letting the remains of my work day spiral into an angry, frustrated vortex of suck.  An angry frustrated vortex of suck that even volunteered to stay late a half hour because I hate myself.  This, coupled with the stress of having too much to do and not enough time both in work and life before I take off Thursday morning.

Inspirational Caller’s words didn’t really sink in until I was walking my dog at 6:30pm….I need to stop letting external forces affect me so greatly.  I need to get better about choosing to just push forward and stop stewing in my own pot of frustration and anxiety.  I’m going to do a good job and everything will get done so stop stressing, Self.