No Spend November – Day 2

So Day 1 was actually full of grocery shopping and driving to Maryland….yes, not very NO SPENDY but I couldn’t do everything last week because I worked over 50 hours and spent all additional time sleeping and with the dog.  The good news was I was paid completely in cash last week so I was able to buy my month’s groceries and topped off my tank with cash and I have an additional $50 in cash to replenish fruits and veggies mid-month.

I spent $52 for groceries that included ingredients and beer for a birthday dinner for my best friend last night.  I had enough ingredients that tomorrow night I can make a bigass batch of pork fried rice.  I also have to divvy up and freeze the chicken thoughts I bought for crockpotting.

I find that the best way for me to not spend money…is to make money.  This week I have set up to work Tuesday-Friday evenings for sidejobs.  On the weekend I’m volunteering at the Art Star Craft Bazaar where I’ll earn gift certificates for 3-hour shifts (currently scheduled for 2 but may work more depending on how I feel)\


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