2015 Goals

So it’s that time of year to do new year’s resolutions….I prefer to call them goals.  Goals aren’t broken so easily.  Goals started well before the ball drops.  Goals are achievable.

Goal 1: Value My Time
This has many levels to achieve.  I’m a workaholic with a dog and precious little time to myself that cannot be wasted on toxic people or things.  I’m going to put myself a little more before my work this year and refuse to work ridiculous hours/days/stretches and I won’t take jobs when I already know I’m completely run down and need a week to chill.  I won’t take sidegigs that are terrible or below my worth.  I have a number that I make per hour and if one person will pay it, others can too – so I won’t be working for less than that now.

I have also realized that this also means who I spend my time with.  This year was rather eye-opening in just how toxic some of my relationships are and why the fuck am I staying in them when they are not great friends?  I have plenty of great friends that I don’t get to see and I want to focus on them more in 2015.

Goal 2: Kick the Starbucks Habit
Okay so maybe preparing for this goal by hoarding up Starbucks giftcards is not the smartest…but there is a Starbucks 10 steps away from my work.  It’s my cigarette equivalent and they make it so much better than I do.  I spent $950 at Starbucks this year according to my bank account – and that doesn’t include the giftcards I get through various points-earning site.  It’s a terrible addiction and it’s blowing all my money that is needed for other goals.

So I have a coffeemaker and just need to make sure to have a constant stream of coffee and milk/sugar here.  I’ve already taken my Starbucks app out of auto-reload mode.  I’ve been using Swagbucks to hoard up Starbucks giftcards because I know that I will not be able to just stop going conveniently across the street every once in awhile…but I will not pay for them with people money.

Goal 3: At Least Double My Monthly Student Loan Payments
As anyone reading this (that most likely know me) will know…I am in a stupid amount of student loan debt.  It’s steadily creeping towards six figures with every bout of interest and it makes my butthole pucker on the regular.

Currently, I pay $250 per month as the minimum for all 4 loans.  I am going to pay an additional $250 per month towards my smallest loan and will do everything in my power to have at least one paid off by the end of this year.  The smallest loan is $5,000 and this definitely monthly match will get rid of $3,000 of that.  I’m confident I can find a way to get the additional $2,000 paid off as well and if I can do this…..

Goal 4: Pay My IRA
I haven’t been able to put anything in my IRA for the past 2 years…and actually had to dip into it this year to handle some vet bills and a credit card balance.  This year, I have no excuses.

I am still unsure if it is better for me to pump into the student loans or my IRA…..but either way, that money isn’t going to fucking Starbucks.  THAT is for sure.

So those are my 4 Goals for 2015.  They’re pretty legit in my eyes but I’m always looking for feedback, comments, questions, words of encouragement…….anything.