January 1: How I’m Working On My Goals

Okay so I mentioned that I had some goals for 2015 and I need to find ways to cut on spending to accomplish all of them

I haven’t been to Starbucks in a few days!  I have purchased 3 bags of coffee and armed myself to the teeth with milk, creamer, and sugar.  I also have about $35 in free Starbucks giftcards that I want to last me awhile.   I would say I spent about $100/month at the bucks (this includes my money and giftcard money) and I am confident I can cut that more than in half.  Bring my own stuff.  Bring backup jars.

Non-Consumer Advocate’s No Spend January
So i am joining in the No Spend January on NCA’s Facebook page.  I have 2 weddings and a convention this month.  So I have modified this to only be no-spend for all but those 3 weekends.  That gives me 8 days of buffer that I feel I need.  Otherwise, I can do this!  I just spend $58 at the grocery store and am prepared to make my own meals for the next month.  I even have a crockpot ready to go for tomorrow morning of mexican chicken thighs!

2015-01-01 19.50.20

For $5.33 I have learned how to crochet!  I’m making a scarf and it’s coming along really well.  This goes under the “value my time” goal of 2015 since it’s something I’ve wanted to learn for a long time and it’s a great hobby that I can do anytime i’m sitting and I’m into that.

2014-12-31 09.40.10

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