Day 9 Starbucks Free

I’ve saved myself at LEAST $28.71 in Starbucks since Christmas!  I spent $90 on Starbucks in January last year and I am determined to cut that down!  Making my own coffee is helping tremendously.

So I didn’t have any plans to make fitness/weight loss a goal for 2015…until I tried to put on my stretchy jeans earlier and felt like a giant muffin.  So I made an executive decision use my holiday AmEx giftcards to purchase a 15-punch card for fitness classes at a local gym.  I use Swagbucks AND EBates so I only spent about $34 which s less than $3 per class…and anything under $15 per fitness class is a deal these days.  I need zumba to get back into business!   I consider this a win since I didn’t pay for it and will get cash back.

It’s Saturday night and I am crashed out on my couch with my dog, a crochet project, and Swagbucks.  I think I’m about to watch the LEGO Movie and soak up cable while I still have it.  I tried to call Comcast today to downgrade, but didn’t get through before heading to work so I shall try again tomorrow!  I’m currently paying $104/month and I am confident I can get that down under $100.


So here’s a pic of me being cool on a Saturday night crocheting at home with my dog.  I’m not out spending money!!!

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