These always seem to crash and burn at the end – but I feel like this month I am very determined and able to do this shit.  My circumstances have changed drastically since the last one and I will see many great benefits from this one.

MAIN MOTIVATION THIS TIME: If I succeed, I get a prize.  It’s not just to play catch-up but I will honest-to-god buy myself something amazing: a year-long membership to a gym that a lot of my other friends have year-long memberships to.  We’re all locked in and will be investing the money so we HAVE TO GO.  And I miss gyming.  And my new roommate is a spin instructor at said gym and also kicks my ass during HIIT routines.

DEBT WE NEED TO REMEMBER TO GET RID OF THOUGH: $2,179.98 Whoops.  It got racked up in April and May between my move, vacation, auto insurance, and the first sight of outdoor seating and summer beers – emerging from the depths of my ladycave after several months on Hoth…

WENT WELL!  Made coffee at home, brought a hummus pita for lunch, and am home making salsa chicken with corn and leftover fridge veggies so I can have lunch for the rest of the week.  I’ll individually package enough meals and put them in the fridge at work so I have no excuse not to eat the food I bring.  I need to obtain a pork tenderloin this week so I can make pulled pork for the rest of the week.  I make coffee every morning and can get that for free at work as well.  It’s also disgusting out right now so I have no reason to leave the house to spend money and I don’t need anything so I’m good.

Uh, I hope it goes well!  I will have lunch and have invited a bro over to do arts n’ crafts.  The people in my life know about this spend fast and as long as I have support and a goal – I will be doing this.

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