Day 2: When things you need arise

My spend fast does not encompass grocery shopping because my living situation has changed and I no longer have an amazing fridge and freezer full of things that I can creatively make last.  In fact, my freezer is now about the size of a shoebox.  So I don’t buy/obtain meats in bulk.  No saving there.  Womp.  So today I spent $17 to get a pork tenderloin, 2 bags of greens, nanners, dried mango slices, and halfhalf.  Not bad.  I then spent $16 on a bag of yogurt pretzels and a bottle of face sunscreen.

The $4 bag of yogurt pretzels were not needed. The $12 bottle of sunscreen was needed…but I know I could have found it at a better price if I did the research.

To counteract this: I turned down drinks this week THREE TIMES with two different people.  Sorry bro, I can’t spend money.

I have invited a friend to my home to drink wine that we already have and do arts and crafts – something I have PLENTY of around here.

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