Five Frugal Things: Day 14

1. I was not good on Friday and Saturday – spent some money on food, beer, and a cab.  I made up for it by only taking the train and walking after Friday’s happy hour endeavors – and half of the money I spent this weekend went towards groceries for last night, today, and possibly stretched into Monday!  I’m not beating myself up because I know I will be good for the rest of the month!

2.  I got to go to a free Flywheel class this morning – first one always free!  It was Game of Thrones themed and I made a shirt out of one going into the rag pile.  It will probably have to go into the ragpile still since I used sharpie on it and it bled everywhere when I washed it!

3. My roommate is having Cookout Sunday where friends come over with sides and she grills burgers.  I’m going to make a lime beverage and cut up some leftover baguette to complete a cheese/sausage plate if there is enough people.

4. Spent some time today on Swagbucks and Recyclebank for their respective points and put in come Coke Rewards that I got off some recycling on the street and at the office (yes…I’m slowly becoming that person but Coke Rewards does Amazon gift cards now!)

5. I found a $10 AmEx giftcard in my room from Christmas!  I find them to be a pain to redeem at stores so I decided to use it to up my Amazon credit balance.  Between that and the Swagbucks I’ve earned this month – I have $35!  Since I don’t need anything…it can just happily sit there.

Had a great weekend.  Happy to hit reset and get back on the spin fast!!

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